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Review: Ponga Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough – 2013

by R. Carnavale
Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough - 2013

New Zealand's wine industry is thriving because of the country's soil, climate and water, innovative pioneering spirit and commitment to quality and Ponga Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough - 2013 is a great example of a wallet-friendly Kiwi wine. It's produced by the Scott Family Group in Marlborough, the home

Which Corkscrew is Best For You?

by Gary Hays
A corkscrew is a corkscrew. Right? Not hardly. To perform the simple task of removing a cork from a bottle, there is an array of devices from which to choose, but is any one really better than the others? For the most part the proper tool is a mere matter of personal preference, and here are just a few

Review: Magic Hat #9

by Gary Hays
Now and then a palette stunning beer comes along with a mixture so complex it defies explanation. Magic Hat #9 is such a brew. Every swallow defines yet another possible ingredient running the gamut from caramel, to apricot, to nuts, to a sweet, fruity taste with just a slight hint of hops.

Based out of South Burlington, Vermont, the Magic

The Citrusy “T.I. Park”

by Jason Lightner
The second in our Hub Punch two-parter comes to us, once again, courtesy of our friends at Bully Boy Distillers, of Boston, Massachusetts. These guys have created a libation called Hub Punch, which is a throwback to pre-Prohibition Boston traditions. A rum infused with orange peel, lemon peel, and raspberry, Bully Boy's Hub Punch has made a splash in the ever