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Review: Peter Vella Chablis

by Jason Lightner
Peter Vella
Chablis, California
9% abv

We've been on a boxed-wine roll as of late, for sure! Those of you who have been asking me about various boxed wines have undoubtedly received your fair share of information these past few weeks. For those of you looking for more traditional, bottled information, do not fret. We'll be back to our robust reds and

Review: Donegal Estates Irish Whiskey

by Jason Lightner
Donegal Estates
Ireland, Whiskey Blend
80 proof

There's nothing quite like a new whiskey. As in, an honest-to-goodness, brand-spanking-new, bona-fide whiskey. This particular bottle we're looking at this week comes to us from Star Industries and is a new entry into the Irish whiskey arena. Let's take a look and see if this one can hold up to the well-established likes of Powers,

Review: Ninkasi Brewing Vanilla Oatis Stout

by Charles Wangersky
The most famous example of the "stout" beer style is, of course, Guinness, which for a long time was advertised as being "good for you." That may be the same sort of misbelief as the long-standing, and now thoroughly discredited, belief that cigarettes improved respiratory health, but it was used as a slogan for so long that it is

Simple Intentions, Mountain Dew and Whiskey

by Jason Lightner
Here's a little known fact for you to take back to your friends: Mountain Dew, everyone's favorite extreme soft drink, was originally created as a mixer, mainly for whiskey.

Indeed, gamers, teenagers, and extreme sports enthusiasts around the globe have, for decades now, been flocking to a drink that, for the first two-thirds of its sugary existence, was simply a