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4 Fun Cocktail Bars to Enjoy in Linz Austria

by Marnie Bii
As the third largest city in Austria, Linz has an amazing number of attractions to tour and enjoy from Gothic castles to dozens of theaters and concert halls. If you love to enjoy good food and delicious drinks, the most enjoyable part of the trip may be visiting one or more of the many cocktail bars in the region.

To Breathe or not to Breathe – Aerating Wine

by Gary Hays
Here is an age old problem. You have a number of guests at your house for an evening of fun and frolic, and as it turns out, most of them are wine drinkers, meaning you are popping corks at a rate which is not giving each newly opened bottle a chance to properly aerate prior to the contents being

Italian Sodas for Grown-ups

by PNM Editors
Although Parched No More was created for the imbibing crowd, sometimes we want a lighter beverage. Maybe it's because it is a hot day and we want the flavor of an ingredient but not all of the kick. Sometimes we have a delicately flavored entrée that we want to shine. Whatever the reason, there are times when we are

Wines of Vienna: Wachau Valley and Thermenregion

by Charles Wangersky
While grapes have been grown in the east of Austria since the Middle Ages, and wine has been a part of Austrian life at least that long, it is only recently that the Austrian authorities have started to regulate and certify specific wines as being developed in particular areas of the country. While it might seem that this is