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The Redneck Mimosa

by Jason Lightner October 31st, 2014
Last week we talked about Mama Walker's Maple Bacon Liqueur and its role in helping us craft a fantastic and offbeat Bloody Mary. We're going to deviate from the savory this week, but remain squarely in the brunch seat. You see, brunch is a big staple here in the City of Brotherly Love. Nearly every popular bar has a weekend brunch special, featuring all manner of incredible food and drink. In discussing my Sunday plans with a few friends we got onto the topic of traditional brunch cocktails. The Bloody Mary, the Mimosa, Sangria, the Bellini... All of these classics
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Staying In Germany: Krombacher Pils

by Charles Wangersky October 27th, 2014 | Beer
Beer Every now and again, we have something that we want to celebrate, a success, a holiday, a survival if you will -- "We made it through another one!" And a short while ago, we had occasion to celebrate all three at the same time. Yes, your correspondent's birthday, which falls during the month where beer is celebrated, occurred last week, and with a predominant feeling of having survived another one, we chose to go to a German restaurant in our hometown. I consider myself very lucky that my two sons have now reached an age where they are willing
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An Eclectic Bloody Mary, “Mama’s Ruby Shoes”

by Jason Lightner October 24th, 2014 | Cocktails
Cocktail It was on clearance and I simply had to get it.

That's a line that might be familiar with some of our readers. That feeling when you see a discounted price and, no matter what your better judgement is telling you, you simply need to make that purchase.

This is the situation I found myself in with Mama Walker's Maple Bacon Liqueur. On the clearance rack at my local Fine Wine and Good Spirits for a measly $8.00, I snatched it up quicker than you can say "science experiments." It's an interesting liqueur, very sweet and perhaps right at home
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Bar Destination

Flex Your Mind: 4 Days Of Trivia Bars In Texas

by Marnie Bii October 30th, 2014 | Bar Destination
As you leisurely make your way through central Texas, take the time to hit all of the local bars for trivia night. If you start your journey from Waco on Monday, you can hit a new trivia bar each night until ending your travels at Round Rock on Thursday. Each bar features challenging trivia questions and games, new food dishes and awesome drinks to try. You can follow the I30 from Dallas to Fort Worth before hopping on the
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Apothic Red Limited Release, 2013

by Jason Lightner October 29th, 2014 | Wine
Wine Apothic

California, Proprietary Red Blend, 2013


Mother nature can't seem to make up her mind. One day it's chilly and the wind is blowing a painful breeze against every exposed surface, and the next day it's warm enough for shorts and sandals. At least there's one thing that remains consistent — good wine. We've discussed red blends before, and just as the rolling hills of California lead the way to a variety of experience and endeavor, so too do the winding aisles of my local wine store. This day we came upon Apothic Red, a new wine blend that began its journey in
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Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon Liqueur

by Jason Lightner October 28th, 2014 | Spirits
Spirits There's something to be said for gimmicky spirits and liqueurs — from the various flavored vodkas and whiskies which have cropped up over the years, to the incredible depth of the catalog of schnapps and infusions adorning the cordials aisle at my local liquor store — all of these have made the fine pastime of cocktail making an interesting one, indeed. We first mentioned Mama Walker's Maple Bacon Liqueur in last week's Cocktails column, which featured an interesting take on the classic Bloody Mary recipe. Be sure to check that one out.

From the famed producer Pernod Ricard,
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