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A Glass, is a Glass, is a Glass – Au Contraire

by Gary Hays
The liquor bottles are all tucked snugly in their appointed places, while visions of all of your friends gathered around your bar dance in your head. You’ve worked hard to create your aesthetically pleasing and well-stocked masterpiece of a home bar, but it appears you may have overlooked one minor, verging on major, detail. What are you going to

Citrus Sunrise

by PNM Editors
As you may have seen from our Think Tasty article, this cocktail pairs well with asparagus. However, that isn't the only reason to make this cocktail. I can think of many reasons this would be your cocktail of choice:

  • It's a balmy summer evening, and you want a refreshing cocktail.

  • You're hosting a weekend cookout and want a change

Wines to Try Near Paris: Champagne

by Charles Wangersky
While it may seem odd to think about artisanal champagne, that is, effectively, what the growing situation in the Champagne area of France has led to. The vineyards end up, over time, being subdivided through inheritance, and after a while end up so small that they can't support themselves and their wineries on the land they own. This leads

Review: Red Racer Oatmeal Stout

by Charles Wangersky
We have reached an awkward place in the year. Here on the West Coast, it is spring, and when the day chooses to be clear, it is warm and lovely, but it is still crisply cold at night and I worry that my having taken the storm windows down was a bit premature. But then the weekend comes, and