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Simple Intentions, Mountain Dew and Whiskey

by Jason Lightner
Here's a little known fact for you to take back to your friends: Mountain Dew, everyone's favorite extreme soft drink, was originally created as a mixer, mainly for whiskey.

Indeed, gamers, teenagers, and extreme sports enthusiasts around the globe have, for decades now, been flocking to a drink that, for the first two-thirds of its sugary existence, was simply a

3 Amazing Wine Bars Located in Canberra, Australia

by Marnie Bii
After you're done exploring the science center, museum and zoo, set your sights on visiting all three of the most popular wine bars in the area. Wine bars differ in atmosphere and offerings from your average corner tavern. You may be astounded to see the sheer number of wine brands and types available at each location. You may also

Review: Almaden Heritage Mountain Chablis

by Jason Lightner
Chablis, California
12% abv

I've been getting into boxed wine more and more lately. If I'm being honest, it's the cost — the value I get out of a 5 liter box of "good" or "okay" wine has tremendous sway since I could easily spend nearly double the amount on something with a bit more "fancy" and come away utterly disappointed.

Review: Beefeater Dry Gin

by Jason Lightner
London, Dry Gin
80 proof

Those of you who enjoy a good martini every once in a while have almost undoubtedly sampled the pride of England, Beefeater London Dry Gin. While many a martini at many an establishment are mixed with the likes of Tanqueray or Bombay, gin lovers the world over are almost universally unable to resist the deliciously