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3 Upscale Bars to Enjoy in Dubai

by Marnie Bii
Despite common belief, Dubai is not as dry as one might think. You can actually find alcoholic beverages and awesome bar atmospheres at most upscale hotels in the region. What you won't find are solitary taverns and pubs lining the street. Instead, the bars are actually attached to hotel restaurants and lobbies to abide by the strict alcoholic serving

Review: Harp Lager

by Charles Wangersky
In this part of the world, following the hottest July in recorded history, we have been dealing with the sort of August we'd like to have in theory but find incredibly hard to live through in practice. The weather has been uniformly blue skies, sunshine, high temperatures, and the occasional grey and gloomy morning for a change. After a

Openers and Coasters – Quit Worrying So Much

by Gary Hays
I have a really nice bottle opener with one of those old man faces hand carved in the wooden handle. Though it once resided in a thrift store bargain bin, I nonetheless treasure it. One night I invited a bunch of friends to my house for an evening of fun and frolic, and not wishing to play host the


by Kimberly Hays
To round out our month of cocktails with the flavors of Madrid, we bring you this refreshing summer cocktail called a TioJito. It is a simple cocktail to make, with Tio Pepe sherry, sprite or lemonade, and garnished with mint and lemon would be the perfect drink to serve at a Labor Day cookout. You could also make a
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