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Recipe: Smokin’ Baby Peach

by PNM Editors
This cocktail recipe was chosen, as it pairs well with spinach. A little bit of smoke and a little bit of sweet provide a nice contrast to the savory nature of a spinach dish. However, I chose this recipe specifically to pair with our spinach risotto recipe, as that was a Father's Day dish. To our editorial minds, a

Spirits to Try Near Dublin

by Charles Wangersky
In Ireland, as in most other places in the world, large businesses move in and change the way that local products are made to bring it in line with their own methods. In the process, of course, much of what made the local product special can be lost. The Irish are lucky in that regard: though it is true

Review: Guinness Stout

by Charles Wangersky

As the destination this month is Ireland, I thought that it might be reasonable to sample some of the tastes of that land. I've commented elsewhere that beer is the water of Ireland; my understanding is that this dates back to a time when the beer-making process, which involved heating water to near

4 Old Fashioned Pubs in Galway Ireland

by Marnie Bii
Traditional Irish pubs are well known for their cozy atmosphere, plain decor, amazing food and constantly flowing alcoholic beverages. Although Galway, Ireland has been hit with a number of modern bar locations, you can still find traditionally designed pubs all throughout the region. Many of the pubs also feature tours, live music acts and comedy performances several days per
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