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3 Madrid Bars Featuring Delicious Tapas

by Marnie Bii
In Madrid, Spain, the biggest meal of the day is lunch. Therefore, trying to find a full meal at dinnertime can cost you a pretty penny. A good workaround is eating a big lunch and filing up on tapas toward the dinner hour. The dainty nature of tapas allows you to try out a number of different dishes without

Review – Abita Wrought Iron

by Gary Hays
During their first year in operation, Abita Brewing Company, founded in 1986, produced only 1500 barrels of beer from their tiny backwoods location, 30 miles north of New Orleans. Today, from a much larger facility, they brew 151,000 barrels of beer, in addition to 9,100 barrels of root beer. Even with a much greater production, they have held on

Give Beer the Boot

by Gary Hays

Here is a really cool idea which will give your home bar a look all unto itself. Instead of serving your guests beer in traditional glasses, switch them out for boot glasses. Not only are these fun to drink out of, I guarantee they will provoke at least one conversation. Boot glasses have quite a history, and learning it

Recipe- La Perla

by Kimberly Hays
This week, we are bringing you a special cocktail called the La Perla to offer you a way to get a taste of Madrid, which is our destination of the month on our sister site, Good Life Review.

The La Perla was created by Jacques Bezuidenhout, who was the very first winner of the Sherry Cocktail Competition in 2005.
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