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LOLEA Ambrosia Sangria

by Kimberly Hays
We are covering Madrid for our destination of the month on our sister site, Good Life Review, and we are also going to bring you some of the flavors of Spain in our cocktail selections this month. Sangria is a popular drink in Spain, and this one is full of fresh flavors with strawberries, peaches, raspberries, and pineapple. This

Why the Paper Umbrella?

by Gary Hays
What better way to spruce up a summertime drink than by piling it full of fresh sliced fruit and sticking in a little paper umbrella. Umbrellas equate to tropical. Tropical equates to summertime. Have you ever wondered just where in the world, or more particularly why, this tradition ever started in the first place? All it does is jab

3 Shanghai Gastropubs You Will Definitely Enjoy

by Marnie Bii
Ever since their introduction in the mid-nineties, gastro pubs have been rising in popularity due to their delicious foods and interesting drinks. Gastropub owners put their focus on producing dishes and beverages unlike any found elsewhere. You can find these pubs nestled between the traditional bars and nightclubs in cities across the world, including Shanghai, China. Due to the

Review: Not Your Father’s Root Beer

by Gary Hays
Located in Illinois, Small Town Brewery was founded by brewer Tim Kovac. With a brewing heritage dating back to the 1600’s, his great-great-grandfather, after winning a brewery in a card game, began crafting his own special beers. Also being a ship captain in England, he began carrying his brew on his journeys, since it lasted longer than
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