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4 Trendy Bars to Enjoy in Innsbruck Austria

by Marnie Bii
With sports events and activities happening all year long, it's no surprise that Innsbruck acts as a home base to some of the trendiest bars in Austria. The bartenders at each location provide a wide range of amazing drinks alongside delicious starters and meals of all kinds. The bars themselves provide a mellow, low-key atmosphere to provide tourists and

Martini Mayhem

by Gary Hays
A White Russian is a White Russian, and a Tom Collins is a Tom Collins. There is no wavering on their ingredients. As a prideful owner of a well-stocked home bar, you are fully prepared to mix these well-known standards, for the pleasure of your thirsty guests. But what about the martini drinkers in the house? What may appear

Kahlua Banana Colada

by PNM Editors
I tend to prefer lighter cocktails or a glass of wine. However, on a hot summer afternoon, there is nothing quite like a frozen drink, especially if it is one that is creamy and rich. These frappe-like beverages are one of my favorite summer indulgences. They make a wonderful food two-fer- part cocktail, part dessert. Of course after drinking

Wineries near Vienna: Wien, Wagram, Carnuntum

by Charles Wangersky
One of the more common pastimes in Vienna is not touring the local vineyards as such, but walking through them. There are a number of working vineyards on the outskirts of the city, and people will stroll through them, much as we do through our civic parks, as a way of letting off the stresses of the day and