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Review – Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale

by Gary Hays
There are beer connoisseurs, and then there are those who just like a good tasty brew, regardless its origins, or all the hoop-law made about its delicate brewing process. Most aficionados shy away with the greatest disdain from what they consider America’s bottom shelf beers, such as Miller High Life, Pabst, and Rolling Rock. These domestically brewed, light-bodied beers,

4 High Class Bars Found Throughout Giverny France

by Marnie Bii
The small commune of Giverny does not have the nightlife-centric bars and pubs found throughout areas of France favored by young tourists. Instead, the cafes and restaurants feature bar areas that you can frequent to enjoy a nice cold beer, glass of wine or cocktail made using fresh ingredients. In addition to delicious drinks, these locations serve appetizers and

Creating the Perfect DIY Home Bar

by Gary Hays
When I was in college, I had one of the best home bars in the dormitory. It was made from painted black cinder blocks with pine boards running horizontally between two stacks. It featured only the best bottom shelf liquors, but back then, it was good enough and it served its intended purpose, probably better than it should have.

Hudson’s Purple Maize

by PNM Editors
Looking for a burst of summer? This cocktail is it. The combination of corn whiskey, blackberries, and lemon produces a drink that tastes like a late summer afternoon.  Even though it's only mid-April, sipping this cocktail will make you feel like it's August already.

This summery cocktail will pair well with a bacon dish, such as this candied