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After Shock Hot Cinnamon

by Jason Lightner
To continue the trend of dubious liqueurs, I'd like to deviate slightly from Dekuyper's famous Pucker line of products and, instead, touch on a seldom-summoned little bit of alcoholic danger called After Shock (October 1995 link courtesy of the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine). A cinnamon-flavored liqueur, the original Hot Cinnamon After Shock is produced by Jim Beam Brands and

Ilegal Mezcal Añejo

by Jason Lightner
Mexico is home to many an incredible and interesting beverage. From the delicious beers like Noche Buena, Modelo, and the various craft brews that have sprung up recently, to delicious and refreshing tequilas like El Jimador, Patrón, and Milagro, the country carries a storied history of exquisite drinks. Off the beaten path, however, is a lesser-known spirit that I've been


by Dennis Mayer
Today's drink is one that we can only enjoy in its original formulation thanks to history-minded bartenders' insistence on the preservation and recreation of classic cocktails with classic liqueurs. The Aviation, basically a variant on a gin sour, depends on a little-known liqueur called crème de violette, a brandy-and-neutral-spirit based cordial flavored with

Whiskey Stones – Are They Worth the Cost?

by Gary Hays
The latest trend for chilling whiskey in a glass is by using whiskey stones, or whiskey balls, in lieu of standard traditional ice cubes which melt, thereby watering down the spirits. Even though ice cubes have been used since the first barrel of whiskey rolled out of the distillery, and heretofore have proven a quite satisfactory method for chilling,
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