Driftwood Pale Ale: Balm for a Hot Tiring Day

by Charles Wangersky July 21st, 2016
The north end of the West Coast has been suffering, if you want to call it that, through a long and unusual period of hot weather. Normally this doesn't affect me much, because my main job is working with computers, and it's important to
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English Aperol Cocktail

by Michele July 14th, 2016
Continuing my quest to find different uses for Aperol, I played with a variety of ingredients from my liquor cabinet, pantry, and refrigerator.  I have to admit that there were two or three tries that will never see the pages of Parched No More.  One sip, maybe two, confirmed that the cocktail was not worthy of consuming.  However, I was not going to be a quitter; I would persevere until I found a beverage that tasted good and utilized
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Spud Ginger Lemongrass Flavored Vodka: A Review

by TK July 7th, 2016
I love Thai food.  I needed to get that out there as soon as I could in this liquor review.  Coconut milk, lemongrass, and ginger chicken is a dish that gets my mouth watering.  I think of the flavors circling my mouth, dancing with my taste buds, and gleefully reaching my stomach.   Thai food equals happiness for me.

So when I got a chance to review Spud Ginger Lemongrass Flavored Vodka, my mouth began its Pavlovian reactions and felt the
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  • Aperol Spritz: Bubbles with Bite Will Refresh You

    by Michele June 27th, 2016
    Aperol is one of my favorite ingredients to use in cocktails during the summer months.  This slightly bitter aperitif makes a delightfully refreshing cocktail. Although it can be served on its own as a sipping beverage, that doesn't suit my palate due to its thicker consistency.  However, when added to a little of this and little of that, it makes a delightful cocktail that is perfect for sipping.

    I make
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  • Magic Hat, Dream Machine

    by J Frazzetta June 23rd, 2016
    Bottle/Tap: Bottle

    It took me a while to appreciate an IPL brew, Avid Reader, but the journey has been interesting.  I’m still a little foggy on how they got started; no matter, since I’m starting to see them on shelves in more stores and I’m more apt to give them a chance.  Let me bring you in on the meaning: IPL stands for India Pale Lager, which means this brew
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  • Sam Adams, Porch Rocker

    by J Frazzetta June 16th, 2016
    Bottle/Tap: 12 pack

    It isn’t very often that a beer can take me off guard and take up residence in my fridge, but here we are, Avid Reader, on the cusp of summer, and I’ve had a ready supply of this brew for the last few weeks.  We were at a family gathering in early May and I noticed one of these hiding behind some bottles of Bud Platinum and
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