2009 Rusack Chardonnay

by Shannon Cyr | January 11th, 2012 | White Wine, Wine

Wine Category: White
Type of Wine: Chardonnay
Producer: Rusack
Vintage: 2009
Region: Santa Barbara County
Appellation: The grapes for this Santa Barbara County Chardonnay come from two Santa Barbara vineyards (Sierra Madre and Bien Nacido) and a Santa Maria Valley vineyard (Goodchild).
Alcohol: 14.2%
Average Price per Bottle: $20.00

My fiancé, Michael, and I just returned from our vacation in California. During our trip back West, we took a private tour of four truly astonishing vineyard tasting rooms. The Rusack tasting room was the last one on our trip, but it supplied us with our favorite Chardonnay of the entire day. It’s surprising to me that even after tasting several different wines all day, we were able to find our favorite wine at the end of the tour; however, the Rusack Chardonnay is no ordinary Chardonnay – it’s a bright, crisp, nicely balanced wine. I think this is partly due to the unique growing climate of Santa Barbara county.

Appearance: The 2009 Rusack Chardonnay was brilliant and light.

Color: The wine had a pale gold color.

Aroma: The 2009 Rusack Chardonnay had a delightful fruit aroma. First on the nose was the mixed bouquet of honeydew melon and orange.

Flavor: The wine had a light-mouth feel. I immediately tasted the melon and citrus notes. The producer notes hints of Asian pear, which were pleasing to find. While this wine was fermented in a mixture of new (40%) and older French oak barrels, it didn’t have an oaky aftertaste. The finish was crisp and refreshingly clean.

Pairs Well With: While the 2009 Rusack Chardonnay can certainly stand on its own, it would be delicious paired with a light pasta dish or grilled chicken.

Additional Comments: This wine will be best while it still has strong young fruit aromas; it should be enjoyed now.

Overall Rating: I could drink this wine daily.

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