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Sassy Bitch

by Michele January 27th, 2010| Wine
Nothing like an exciting title to get some attention!  That is exactly what those two words did for me on Saturday.  Attending the Boston Wine Expo, I had spoken with many wineries and distributors and was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the data.  Even though I

Beer Review: Ommegang, Hennepin

by J Frazzetta January 25th, 2010| Beer
Bottle/Tap: Tap

I met up with some friends at StrangeBrew a while back, and I found they had this beer on tap.  I’ve seen the bottle in many stores and never pick it up due to price.  However, the special of the night was $3 for any beer, so I

Boston Wine Expo 2010

by Michele January 21st, 2010| Wine
A quick checklist for Parched No More readers:

  1. Do you live in New England?

  2. Do you enjoy wine?

  3. Would you like to sample wines from 450 different wineries?

  4. In addition, would you like to sample a variety of foods?

  5. Would you like to meet famous chefs and watch cooking demonstrations?

  6. Would you like to learn more

Beer Review: Dogfish Head, Pangaea

by J Frazzetta January 18th, 2010| Beer
Bottle/Tap: Bottle, Pint +9

This is yet another mythological Dogfish Head beer that I happened to find in one of my local spots.  I had heard about this beer before; I just never managed to locate it when it was in season.  When I saw it I took the opportunity

Puzzle Me Pomegranate Martini

by Michele January 14th, 2010| Cocktails, Martinis
As a best friend, you have varying responsibilities.  Being available to listen, helping when an extra set of hands is needed, remembering the little details that matter.  And sometimes you need to create a cocktail for you and your best friends to enjoy while you build the 1,000 piece

Bottles and Cans: No, Just Bottles

by J Frazzetta January 11th, 2010| Beer
I received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and began the process the next day.  I did all the mixing and let the keg sit in a dark, room temperature area for a little over a week before I bottled.  Bottling was more fun than mixing, and I only

Beer Review: Manchester Brewing, Emperor Norton’s Peppermint Stout

by J Frazzetta January 4th, 2010| Beer
Bottle/Tap: Bottle

The name alone drew me to purchase this beer.  In my mind I was thinking of a stout with a candy cane floating in it; 'tis the season, right?  I really haven’t tried very much from Manchester Brewing, and I wanted to give something new a try, so