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Canadian Club Classic 12 Year: Save it for a Rainy Day

by Jason Lightner April 27th, 2011| Spirits
So my girlfriend comes back from her trip to Canada and as luck would have it, she brought me back a nicely wrapped bottle of Canadian Club Classic! If this twelve year old blended whisky tastes as good as it looks, it may not sit on my shelf


by J Frazzetta April 25th, 2011| Beer
Bottle/Tap: Bottle

There is nothing better than after a long week of work finding a six pack of imported beer waiting on your doorstep.  For a few brief seconds it was Christmas, and I tore through the box to find a familiar set of bottles looking back at me.  I

Gotham City

by Jared April 22nd, 2011| Crafty Bartender
Hi, everyone.

Thank you for joining me for this month's cocktail.  I have recently been experimenting with port and some of its possibilities for mixing.  I enjoy a nice glass of ruby or tawny port during a cold winter night or after dinner.  However, outside of a Portonic I never

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum: “But Why’s the Rum Gone?”

by Jason Lightner April 20th, 2011| Spirits
It's that time again! The weather has finally broken here in Baltimore, and it's time for some good music and good drinks. Let's do this like Buddhists.

The second of two bottles sent to me by Cruzan Rum, Cruzan Single Barrel Rum appears to be something special. It's

Magic Hat, Demo IPA

by J Frazzetta April 18th, 2011| Beer
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Another indication that spring has arrived: I’ll be drinking more IPAs and enjoying every second.  I will admit that it has taken me a long time to warm up to these illustrious beers, and I seem to enjoy them most in the spring time.  Roaming the aisles of

The Blushing Bride

by Michele April 13th, 2011| Cocktails, Martinis
In case you haven't heard, there is a royal wedding later this month.  From the amount of media attention the pending nuptials of Price William and Kate Middleton have received, it seems like there will be a large audience around the world.  When planning a viewing event, it is

Weihenstephaner, Vitus

by J Frazzetta April 11th, 2011| Beer
Bottle/Tap: Bottle, pint +9

It must be spring, since the wheat beers are starting to sprout up at most markets.  I’m always a fan of any kind of wheat beer, be it filtered or not, and what better way to start April than a bottle of weizenbock.  This traditional

Domaine Costa Lazaridi

by Michele April 8th, 2011| Wine
Attending the Boston Wine Expo, I am fortunate to meet many interesting winemakers from near and far.  One of the wineries of note was Domaine Costa Lazaridi, which is located in Greece.  While visiting their booth, I was able to sample their Amethystos Red and Domaine Costa Lazaridi Syrah. 

Herradura Bloody Maria

by Michele April 6th, 2011| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Do you have plans for brunch in the near future?  If so, there's no need to make a reservation when you can make a perfectly delightful brunch at home.  And what goes better with brunch than a Bloody Mary?  Of course, you want to serve a drink that is

Clown Shoes, Clementine Ale

by J Frazzetta April 4th, 2011| Beer
Bottle/Tap: Bottle, pint +6

As I write this review, there is snow falling outside my window.  The date is April 1st, and this is the worst joke Mother Nature could play on New England.  Well, snow be damned, I’m through with drinking dark beers, so here is an interesting brew