Atlantic Brewing Company, Mt. Desert Island Ginger

by J Frazzetta | May 20th, 2013 | Beer

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When it comes to local brews I do my best to make sure that I branch out beyond New Hampshire and try to grab anything from New England that I happen to come across.  This beer struck me as interesting, Avid Reader, since I’ve been to the island and walked through parts of Acadia National Park then driven up to Cadillac Mountain.  That was a long time ago and a very fun weekend of lobster ice cream and sightseeing.  Anyway, getting back to the beer in front of me, I figured I would give this brew a chance for its namesake and the ginger aspect.  A few weeks back I had a different kind of ginger beverage that was pretty enjoyable so why not see how this one fares?

Placing this bottle in the freezer for about 15 minutes helped it cool down quick and it was ready for a pint glass, so I commenced the ritual.  Pouring out a nice golden color, I picked up on the ginger aroma right as the cap came off.  It wasn’t an overpowering smell which led me to believe that this brew might not be as harsh as eating straight ginger root, which I’ve done before and wouldn’t recommend to anyone.  At first it tasted like a normal pale ale and then it hit me toward the end with a hint of ginger.  I was surprised so I did the logical thing and took another drag to make sure.

A little reading uncovered that the ginger used for this beer is added during the hopping stage, which explains why it had such a crisp, clean taste.  There was enough malt floating around to give it some color and body, but the ginger was the star of this show and I was pleased by the results.  Sometimes you have to worry that a beer like this would be nothing but ginger and taste unbearable.  I’m happy to report that this was quite the opposite.

Should you happen to find yourself on this wonderful island off the coast of Maine, I would suggest you try to obtain a few bottles when the opportunity presents itself.  Having just noticed Atlantic Brewing Company around some of my local spots I might have to pay more attention and check out a few other beers when I have a chance.  This would be an excellent addition to your summer beer list and I bet it would pair very well with any kind of Thai, Chinese, or Japanese cuisine, or maybe a steak.  Either way, keep your eye out and give it a sip.3 beer steins

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