Black Velvet Toasted Caramel

by Jason Lightner | June 5th, 2013 | Spirits

syrupsSometimes my sense of adventure outweighs my sense of, well, sense.

To make this one as short of an explanation as possible, I saw a new bottle of booze at a new bar. The establishment served up chilled shots of it out of a Jägermeister dispenser and were looking to put something new in. Unfortunately, the bottle of booze had to be finished first, and it wasn’t selling well. Jason Lightner to the rescue, I suppose.

The words Black Velvet can mean any number of things to any number of people. For music lovers, it can mean the hit song by Alannah Myles, while for drinkers it can mean a fantastic beer cocktail made with stout beer and sparkling wine. For those of us unfortunate enough to have been present when I was remorselessly dishing them out on a Thursday evening, the words Black Velvet Toasted Caramel will not soon be forgotten.

Black Velvet Toasted Caramel is a Canadian whisky not too dissimilar in structure to other flavored whiskies like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey or Wild Turkey American Honey — each have an imparted sweetness that is intended to make them more accessible to those who otherwise might not consider drinking whisky at all. Be that as it may, each of these inventions seem like they really should have stayed in the minds of their creator. Is it really so difficult to simply add a bit of simple syrup to a glass?

Sigh …

Toasted Caramel is a syrupy elixir, that pours a medium amber not unlike a shot of Mrs. Butterworth’s. On the nose it is sickeningly sweet, with a tinge of alcohol reminiscent of my childhood experiences with Robitussin. The flavor is as one might imagine — sweet, with caramel as advertised, and a dash of oak and spice that doesn’t quite mesh with the candied sweetness. The finish lingers, which is quite unpleasant as you search for anything — ANYTHING — to remove the foul taste from the back of your throat.

For around $13 at most places, you could certainly pick up a much better bottle of booze. This new bar I stumbled upon has its work cut out for them if they think they’ll be able to kill that bottle any time soon. I certainly did my part, and I don’t plan on dipping into that well ever again.

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