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Blueberry Pie Martini

by Michele July 18th, 2014| Cocktails, Martinis
blueberry pie martiniShall I continue with my regular mantra about how I don't like heavy, creamy drinks nor overly sweet drinks?  My best friends like to harass me about it, it makes my husband smirk, but it is true.  So, you may be looking at the title of this cocktail and wondering why I would be sharing a recipe that has any similarity to a pie.

There are several reasons for this.  First, I adore blueberries.  In fact, I adore all berries that I ever have met: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, and so forth.  Second, blueberry pie isn't cloyingly sweet.  Sure, there's
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English Aperol Cocktail

by Michele July 11th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
spirits-295623_1280Continuing my quest to find different uses for Aperol, I played with a variety of ingredients from my liquor cabinet, pantry, and refrigerator.  I have to admit that there were two or three tries that will never see the pages of Parched No More.  One sip, maybe two, confirmed that the cocktail was not worthy of consuming.  However, I was not going to be a quitter; I would persevere until I found a beverage that tasted good and utilized Aperol.

With a little luck, I finally found a combination that worked well- gin, bitters, lemon juice, and Aperol.  I wasn't
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Aperol Cocktail: Sunshine and Summer on the Rocks

by Michele July 4th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
bar-375650_1280Last week I started this series of articles with a simple, sparkling cocktail, the Aperol Spritz.  This week's recipe is just as simple and refreshing.  Paired with vodka, it packs more of a punch than last week's recipe, but it still is fairly tame.  Using vodka as the spirit, there is no fight over which flavor will shine.  The Aperol is the winner in this battle of flavors.

To add more freshness to this cocktail, I suggest muddling an orange wedge.  It will give extra notes of brightness.  Combine the flavors of the muddled orange with the look and smell
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Aperol Spritz: Bubbles with Bite Will Refresh You

by Michele June 27th, 2014| Cocktails, Sparkling
sundowner-344094_640Aperol is one of my favorite ingredients to use in cocktails during the summer months.  This slightly bitter aperitif makes a delightfully refreshing cocktail. Although it can be served on its own as a sipping beverage, that doesn't suit my palate due to its thicker consistency.  However, when added to a little of this and little of that, it makes a delightful cocktail that is perfect for sipping.

I make a few different cocktails, but I will start with the most bubbly of the concoctions.  There's something about sipping a drink that is effervescent on a hot summer afternoon. Between
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Bubbly Berry Lemonade

by Michele June 20th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
berry drinkDuring the workday, my beverages tend to consist of coffee and water.  In winter a cup or two of tea may be added to make the afternoon feel warmer.  In the summer I add seltzer to the mix.  We have a water machine that has a seltzer option, so I can add any flavorings that I like.  My recent favorite is adding a few splashes of lemon juice and a teaspoon or two of simple syrup. This combination produces a mild version of lemonade.  It is slightly sweet and lemony, not a true lemonade but more of a spritzer. 
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Patriotic Cocktail #2

by Michele June 13th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
patriotic cocktail 2So, if Patriotic Cocktail #1 was red (kind of), then Patriotic Cocktail #2 must be. . . blue!  And living a five-minute walk from a blueberry farm, it is quite obvious what would be the main ingredient in this cocktail.  Of course, blueberries aren't in season here right now, but I still have berries frozen from last year's picking.  Of course, if you don't have local berries available, you definitely can use fresh or frozen berries from your store.

Originally, when I planned this cocktail I figured I would rim it with red decorating sugar, making it a mirror image
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Patriotic Cocktail #1

by Michele June 6th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Patriotic Cocktail 1I am not a bartender, but I do enjoy a cocktail every now and then.  I have my simple go-to drinks: spiced rum and diet Coke, gin and tonic.  However, if it a lazy Sunday afternoon or a weekend evening of entertaining, I like to try my hand at creative combinations. Sometimes the drinks fail (and no evidence is left, such as an article like this), but quite often the recipes  succeed.

One of the key ingredients for this cocktail is Kinky Liqueur, which I discovered while shopping for our Easter egg hunt.  In addition to the nasty Cinnabon Vodka
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Maple Cream Dream

by Michele May 30th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
file0001240818910We're all familiar with the White Russian, aren't we?  In my early 20s, both the White Russian and Sombrero were go-to drinks.  I know my early 20s were full of clichés.  However, at that point in time I found them to be tasty.  Since then my palate has changed immensely.  In fact, I can't think of the last time I ordered either of those drinks.

So, it is a little surprising that the cocktail recipe I share this week is reminiscent of the White Russian.  Sometimes, though, you find that a little bit of a throwback can be a good
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Raspberry Margarita

by Michele May 23rd, 2014| Cocktails, Margaritas
margarita imageThere's a local pizza place that my husband and I eat at every once in a while. When we go my food order tends to vary: steak wrap, caesar salad, pulled pork wrap.  Okay, it may not have a great deal of variety, as I tend to stay in two categories, but I definitely switch ingredients within the two.  Regardless, my drink order is almost always the same, a raspberry margarita.

The first time we went there I noticed this drink on their menu and realized that it wasn't a frozen margarita.  I don't order many frozen drinks for two
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Gin & Lemon

by Michele May 16th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
gin_and_lemonIn New Hampshire it was a long winter, which has been followed by a chilly, rainy spring.  So, although it is the beginning of May, there haven't been many opportunities to embrace the return of spring.  So, although we're watching baseball games and getting our yards ready for summer, we really haven't spent much time on the front porch or deck enjoying a refreshing beverage.  It's been far safer to have a glass of cabernet in the living room with a book.

However, there have been a few days where not only were skies blue but the temps were warm
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20th Century Cocktail

by Joe Shotkus May 9th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
20th cent ltd pdThe 20th Century; now here is a classic with a divine combination of quinine, lemon and chocolate that come together subtly to provide a drink with a dense palate and a rare color in modern cocktails, a hazy, almost smog-like brown. Named after the 20th Century Limited train, this commemorative quaff  is not quite a sour and certainly not a martini. I have a hard time finding an appropriate category for this guy here. It sits surprisingly well in spring, and is flavored for dessert, but honestly I could have one of these after a heavy brunch, too. I
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Sloe Gin Fizz

by Joe Shotkus May 2nd, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
red ginThis week I want to look at one of my favorite warm weather drinks, the sloe gin fizz. It's a very simple drink you can take a long way with proper ingredients. The base is sloe gin, a sloe-infused gin concoction from over the pond. Sloe is a relative of the plum despite looking like evil blueberries. The fruity concoction is thick and lower ABV, making it a nice choice for day drinking.

Sloe Gin Fizz
1 oz Plymouth Sloe Gin
1 oz Bluecoat American Dry Gin
1 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 oz simple syrup

Shake all ingredients and strain into a collins
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