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mtn dew and whiskey (400x400)

Simple Intentions, Mountain Dew and Whiskey

by Jason Lightner January 23rd, 2015| Cocktails
Here's a little known fact for you to take back to your friends: Mountain Dew, everyone's favorite extreme soft drink, was originally created as a mixer, mainly for whiskey.

Indeed, gamers, teenagers, and extreme sports enthusiasts around the globe have, for decades now, been flocking to a drink that, for
mockingbird (400x400)

Smoky and Savory, Tequilas’ “Te-Kil-A Mockingbird”

by Jason Lightner January 16th, 2015| Cocktails
The second in our look at cocktails from the hip and posh Tequilas restaurant in Center City Philadelphia, this cocktail featurette mixes the saline bite of a reposado tequila with the intense smokiness of mezcal, and tops it off with the bubbly effervescence of sparkling wine to bring an unforgettable
roses margarita (400x400)

Light and Fragrant, Tequilas’ “Roses Margarita”

by Jason Lightner January 9th, 2015| Cocktails
Always fans of new and interesting destinations, my wife and I decided to check out this place in the heart of Center City Philadelphia called Tequilas. Much more than a simple tequileria, Tequilas has been around since 1986 and serves up exquisite Mexican food alongside an incredible selection of
cider punch (400x400)

Festive & Delightful, Jerry Thomas’ “Cider Punch”

by Jason Lightner January 2nd, 2015| Cocktails
The holiday season is over, and yet there is still time left for quite a few incredible evenings. As the bitter frost of winter grows ever so steadily in and around certain locales, now more than ever we're looking for warming refreshment to whisk away the chill from our bones. For festive
irish buck (400x400)

Crisp and Refreshing, the “Irish Buck”

by Jason Lightner December 26th, 2014| Cocktails
As we've been on a sort of Irish whiskey bender here lately, I figure we might have a look at one of my favorite concoctions — whiskey and ginger ale.

Often times, when I'm out with friends or family, I have trouble deciding what to have. It seems like everyone
cocktail (400x400)

A Stunning Gin Cocktail, In Riva’s “Bruni”

by Jason Lightner December 19th, 2014| Cocktails
It may feel like winter for much of North America, but that's not stopping some intrepid beverage enthusiasts from enjoying ice cold refreshment at one of Philadelphia's most popular restaurants, In Riva.

Nestled at the bottom of the hills of East Falls, right next to the Schuylkill River, In Riva
eggnog (400x400)

A Taste of the Holidays, Exploring Eggnog

by Jason Lightner December 12th, 2014| Cocktails
I can still vividly remember visits to my grandfather's home for the holidays. The mountains of West Virginia are crisp and frosty this time of year, and for a child, there's nothing quite like sitting beside a roaring campfire, roasting marshmallows, and talking about the wonderful gifts that Santa
blarney stone (400x400)

Irish Complexity, “The Blarney Stone”

by Jason Lightner December 5th, 2014| Cocktails
As we've taken a look at several whiskies over the past few weeks, I've taken quite a liking to whiskey cocktails and the incredible versatility of the spirit as a whole. When I was younger, it was far too easy to view whiskey as something that only old men
bobby burns (400x400)

Poetic Justice, the “Bobby Burns”

by Jason Lightner November 28th, 2014| Cocktails
This one comes courtesy of one of my favorite recipe and history books, "The Ultimate Bar Book" by Mittie Hellmich. After researching this particular cocktail, I realized that this one might not be breaking news for the rest of the imbibing world, but it was certainly news to me,
mezcal old fashioned (400x400)

Smoky and Sweet, “The Mezcal Old Fashioned”

by Jason Lightner November 21st, 2014| Cocktails
I've been accused on more than one occasion of being a minimalist. Indeed, it's difficult to justify all of the pomp and circumstance which surrounds the creation of more than a few classic and contemporary cocktails. I'd usually much rather pour liquor into a glass and lift it to
biglebowski white russian (400x400)

Something to Abide By – “The White Russian”

by Jason Lightner November 14th, 2014| Cocktails
Since we're taking a look at a vodka this week, I figured we may as well peek at one of my favorite vodka cocktails as well. This one traditionally includes dairy, but for those of us who might be lactose intolerant or of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, we've got an

Sweet and Savory, “The Godfather”

by Jason Lightner November 7th, 2014| Cocktails
Having been the recipient of a fair number of bottles of booze courtesy of turning one year wiser (and not at all less handsome), I'm excited to try out a number of fantastic cocktail recipes I've had on the back burner for quite a while. Having a fully stocked
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