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Recipe: Smokin’ Baby Peach

by PNM Editors June 29th, 2015| Mixed Drinks
This cocktail recipe was chosen, as it pairs well with spinach. A little bit of smoke and a little bit of sweet provide a nice contrast to the savory nature of a spinach dish. However, I chose this recipe specifically to pair with our spinach risotto recipe, as that

Green with Envy

by PNM Editors June 22nd, 2015| Cocktails, Martinis
When I was seeking recipes to pair with carrots, I wondered what sort of cocktails would be suggested. I've never thought about pairing any beverages, never mind cocktails, with carrots. What I received were a delicious assortment of choices. Reviewing the recipes to find the ones that worked best

What’s Up, Doc?

by PNM Editors June 15th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
I always enjoyed watching Bugs Bunny as a kid. A mid-Saturday morning laying around in pjs and eating cereal was improved with some slapstick, cartoon humor. So, when I was searching for a cocktail to pair with carrots and the name of this cocktail appeared, how could I resist? 


Bubble Benedict

by PNM Editors June 8th, 2015| Cocktails, Sparkling
This is a cocktail that I absolutely love! It combines my favorite alcoholic beverage, Prosecco, with one of my favorite liqueurs, St. Germain. I like both ingredients for quite opposite reasons. I enjoy Prosecco for its lightness, its effervescence, and its dryness. I like St. Germain for the sweet

4 Tasty Cocktails That Contain Honey

by Editorial Team June 5th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Some cocktails are very bitter when made to their original recipe, and some people just naturally have a sweet tooth, but there is a very simple way to fix that without loading up on sugar or some kind of manufactured cocktail syrup. You could experiment by adding honey to


by PNM Editors June 1st, 2015| Cocktails, Sparkling
You've heard of sangria, but are you familiar with Sungria? I wasn't until I was given this recipe by the head bartender of Hudson at Waterway East. This cocktail is the perfect addition to a Sunday morning brunch or early afternoon gathering. 

What makes this cocktail even more enjoyable

Kahlua Banana Colada

by PNM Editors May 25th, 2015| Cocktails, Frozen Drinks
I tend to prefer lighter cocktails or a glass of wine. However, on a hot summer afternoon, there is nothing quite like a frozen drink, especially if it is one that is creamy and rich. These frappe-like beverages are one of my favorite summer indulgences. They make a wonderful
Italian soda adult

Italian Sodas for Grown-ups

by PNM Editors May 18th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Although Parched No More was created for the imbibing crowd, sometimes we want a lighter beverage. Maybe it's because it is a hot day and we want the flavor of an ingredient but not all of the kick. Sometimes we have a delicately flavored entrée that we want to
champagne etc

Simple Champagne Cocktail

by PNM Editors May 11th, 2015| Cocktails, Sparkling
A year and a half ago, we posted the recipe for a champagne cocktail, just in time for New Year's Eve. While that recipe is quite simple, it can a stronger flavor than you desire due to the addition of brandy. At least for me it can

Citrus Sunrise

by PNM Editors May 4th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
As you may have seen from our Think Tasty article, this cocktail pairs well with asparagus. However, that isn't the only reason to make this cocktail. I can think of many reasons this would be your cocktail of choice:

  • It's a balmy summer evening, and you want a

Maple Old Fashioned

by PNM Editors April 27th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
For this week's cocktail, we were seeking a beverage that would pair with pretzels. I know, most people hear pretzels and think beer. This editor is not a fan of beer, so we'll take that beverage out of contention. Plus, isn't it fun to take the time to combine

Hudson’s Purple Maize

by PNM Editors April 20th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Looking for a burst of summer? This cocktail is it. The combination of corn whiskey, blackberries, and lemon produces a drink that tastes like a late summer afternoon.  Even though it's only mid-April, sipping this cocktail will make you feel like it's August already.

This summery cocktail will pair well
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