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Kahlua Banana Colada

by PNM Editors May 25th, 2015| Cocktails, Frozen Drinks
I tend to prefer lighter cocktails or a glass of wine. However, on a hot summer afternoon, there is nothing quite like a frozen drink, especially if it is one that is creamy and rich. These frappe-like beverages are one of my favorite summer indulgences. They make a wonderful
Italian soda adult

Italian Sodas for Grown-ups

by PNM Editors May 18th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Although Parched No More was created for the imbibing crowd, sometimes we want a lighter beverage. Maybe it's because it is a hot day and we want the flavor of an ingredient but not all of the kick. Sometimes we have a delicately flavored entrée that we want to
champagne etc

Simple Champagne Cocktail

by PNM Editors May 11th, 2015| Cocktails, Sparkling
A year and a half ago, we posted the recipe for a champagne cocktail, just in time for New Year's Eve. While that recipe is quite simple, it can a stronger flavor than you desire due to the addition of brandy. At least for me it can

Citrus Sunrise

by PNM Editors May 4th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
As you may have seen from our Think Tasty article, this cocktail pairs well with asparagus. However, that isn't the only reason to make this cocktail. I can think of many reasons this would be your cocktail of choice:

  • It's a balmy summer evening, and you want a

Maple Old Fashioned

by PNM Editors April 27th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
For this week's cocktail, we were seeking a beverage that would pair with pretzels. I know, most people hear pretzels and think beer. This editor is not a fan of beer, so we'll take that beverage out of contention. Plus, isn't it fun to take the time to combine

Hudson’s Purple Maize

by PNM Editors April 20th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Looking for a burst of summer? This cocktail is it. The combination of corn whiskey, blackberries, and lemon produces a drink that tastes like a late summer afternoon.  Even though it's only mid-April, sipping this cocktail will make you feel like it's August already.

This summery cocktail will pair well

Serving Cocktails at Your Summer Outdoor Event

by Editorial Team April 15th, 2015| Cocktails
So, you have got mixing your favourite cocktails down to a fine art. Your friends love your small cocktail parties, where you throw together almost effortlessly the drinks they want, or even let them sample some of your own creations. You have all the beautiful barware you need, and

Bacon Me Angry

by PNM Editors April 13th, 2015| Cocktails, Martinis
Don't confine bacon to a plate or bowl; it can fit just as nicely into a martini glass! This author has experimented with her share of infusions. I've made winners (blueberry and cranberry infused vodkas) and losers (candy corn infused vodka- don't ask). I've never tried making my own bacon-infused

Hudson’s Ruby Smash

by PNM Editors April 6th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
You're serving some appetizers at a gathering, and you realize that one of them is a bit heavy on the garlic. Of course, you know this isn't a bad thing, but you also wonder what cocktail you can pair with this menu. The answer is simple- Hudson's Ruby Smash.

Diabla Dulce

by PNM Editors March 30th, 2015| Cocktails, Martinis
If you're serving garlic as part of your menu, you may wonder what you can pair with it? It needs to be a beverage that can hold its own in the face of this strongly flavored ingredient, and it also needs not to clash. That can be a challenging

Strawberry and Balsamic Martini- Pair It with Celery

by PNM Editors March 27th, 2015| Cocktails, Martinis
We often think of pairing wines and food, but cocktails don't often get that same degree of consideration.  Sure, we think about what cocktail to drink before dinner, but we don't necessarily think about pairing one with pieces of our menu. In the coming months, Think Tasty and Parched
ti park (400x400)

The Citrusy “T.I. Park”

by Jason Lightner March 20th, 2015| Cocktails
The second in our Hub Punch two-parter comes to us, once again, courtesy of our friends at Bully Boy Distillers, of Boston, Massachusetts. These guys have created a libation called Hub Punch, which is a throwback to pre-Prohibition Boston traditions. A rum infused with orange peel, lemon peel, and raspberry, Bully
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