Ginger Libation

by J Frazzetta | March 25th, 2013 | Beer

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Getting a bottle of alcohol as a birthday gift is awesome because:  you didn’t pay for it and it is a good way to try something new.  Well to help ring in my 30th a few weeks ago some friends bought me a bottle of an interesting concoction that isn’t quite beer, but for all intents and purposes I’m going to treat it like one, Avid Reader.  I have never heard of the folks at Green River Ambrosia and I believe they are indigenous to most of Massachusetts.  Back during Prohibition there were over 300 ginger breweries shut down across the country so Green River Ambrosia is reviving a bit of nostalgia that will make you smack your lips and say wow.

Reading over the label it is very easy to see a common theme among the ingredients: organic ginger, organic pineapple, organic evaporated cane sugar, organic lemon juice and organic lime juice.  All signs point to this beverage being home grown and no store bought products being involved, which makes it that much cooler.  Let me tell you what I was expecting: something along the lines of Canada Dry with a kick.  I was half right and guess which half.

The ginger smell is the first thing that hits you when you take off the cap.  If you swirl the bottle a bit some of the sediment on the bottom will loosen, doesn’t add much to the taste but it brought out more ginger flavor.  I poured half a glass to start, took a sip and I might as well have been chewing on a ginger root.  Ginger has a certain amount of spice that was abundant in this beverage.  The pineapple and lime juice was nice to calm things down, yet the lemon juice just made my mouth pucker.  So I drank a little more.

A little earlier I mentioned there was cane sugar floating around, but don’t get the impression this was a sweet drink, if anything it was tart and would have gone much better with sushi than tacos — but I’m no good at food pairings as you know.  It even weighs in at 8.5% so this was no wimpy drink by any means and you’d never figure it out because the tart flavor seems to pull you back in.

You can’t call this one a mead or a beer so I’ll call it a distraction from my usual fare.  This was a fun excursion and if given the chance to try some others by this brewer, I would do so just for the comparison.  Are you a person that loves adventure and the untamed flavor of ginger root?  Then I would seek out this beverage, and if you aren’t into adventure or ginger root then try it anyway because the bubbles go right to your head.2 beer steins

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