Harpoon, Grateful Harvest

by J Frazzetta | November 19th, 2012 | Beer

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A chill is setting over the northeast and that is a good indication that before you know it a familiar powder will float down from the sky and cause a headache for everyone.  Before we get too far along we can’t forget this is also the time of year where people and animals gather their harvest for the next few months so they don’t have to venture out of the house too often.  To help bring in the harvest and that festive mood of giving the folks at Harpoon have made a special beer that will fit alongside most of the menus for the next few weeks and help out communities.

Right there on the label it says this brew is made with cranberries and it also says that for every purchase a portion will go to local food banks.  I set aside my disdain for cranberry beer and thought it would be better to help out others if it means I have to sit through a pint.  I’ve encountered cranberry beers before from Sam Adams, not too pleasant, and I’ve also had Lambics with cranberry flavor which were pretty awful.  To clarify, I am no fan of Lambic style beers so the cranberry didn’t help.  Now if this cranberry were in jelly form then that is a horse of a different color.

After plenty of time in fridge I felt I should get to the business of sampling this one and took out my glass to empty the contents of the bottle.  There wasn’t much of a cranberry aroma, which was a good sign, and I found the beer to be red in color.  Upon first swig I noted there was plenty of malt, giving a sweet twinge yet there was the very essence of cranberry to add in some tartness.

While I was drinking, I kept thinking to myself there would be a bitter punch lurking somewhere but it never manifested.  That was fine by me and made the beer a lot easier going down.  The true test will be to set this beer next to some turkey or roasted meat and see how it all goes together.  I have a feeling that this will be a welcome addition to your table for the next few weeks, and you should consider grabbing some for company.  Plus you are also helping those less fortunate than you, Avid Reader, and that is the real meaning behind the season.  This should be available in abundance which means you’ll have no problem getting a case or two.

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