Lexington Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

by Jason Lightner | September 3rd, 2013 | Spirits

bourbon on roxA good night at home is an oft-overlooked leisurely pastime. Kicking back and watching some television, along with participating in the idle banter  provided by good company, one can easily waste several hours in such a state.

It was on just such a night that we imbibed upon a sweet bourbon whiskey called Lexington, a spirit produced by Western Spirits in Wilson, Wyoming. While one might typically not associate the state of Wyoming with fine spirits, there is little room for debate that a good drink can come from anywhere, and Lexington Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is definite proof.

At 84 proof, Lexington is no slouch of a bourbon. Its rich, caramel color shimmers as it pours over ice, bringing to life any boring old glass one might have lying around. One whiff of Lexington carries with it hints of vanilla, spice, and oak. The flavor profile is very similar, with an oaky sweetness that warms and lingers on the finish, which is dry and satisfying.

As a fan of the simpler drinks, I’d suggest mixing this one with your favorite Coke product. I say Coke and not cola because if you’re mixing any drinks with Pepsi, you’re doing it wrong. At any rate, a Lexington and Coke is certainly an acceptable method of enjoying this spirit, although it would also go just fine as a Julep or a Manhattan. A personal favorite of mine, the Old Fashioned keeps things simple while adding a thin layer of complexity to decent whiskey.

At around $30 for a standard bottle, Lexington is a moderately priced bourbon whiskey that won’t break the budget and won’t destroy your palate. This is the sort of spirit that surprises and delights, both due to its amazing drinkability, and the fact that up until I saw the bottle, I’d never even heard of it. It’s these sudden and unexpected chances of happenstance that keep life interesting.

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