Long Trail, Double IPA

by J Frazzetta | May 13th, 2013 | Beer

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Ah yes, spring, when a young man’s fancies turn to IPA’s or something like that.  Here we are, Avid Reader, another week of near perfect weather and a great beer to enjoy it with.  I had picked this brew up a few months ago and discovered it at the start of May.  Considering I was running low on options for this week it seemed rather fortunate that I would come across this bottle sitting where I had left it back in February or March.  No matter, I stashed it in the fridge to cool and waited for the opportunity to strike.

The moment struck rather soon since I wanted to test drive this brew, so I produced a glass and poured out the contents.  With that all too familiar aroma of hops I was looking forward to getting to know this brew and I wasted no time making my acquaintance.  Hops a plenty upon first drag and the golden color was very inviting indeed.  There wasn’t much of a citrus flavor, as you are liable to find in some IPA’s, but that didn’t bother me one bit.

I did a little bit of reading and turns out that this is a special edition of the Brewmaster Series from Long Trail and contains three different hops: Zeus, Bravo and Cascade.  We’ve encountered the Cascade hops before; they’re often noted as providing a strong citrus flavor, yet when mixed with the other two it seems to even things out and make for a pleasant beverage.  There was also some great malt flavor too that helped to cut out some of that bitterness you might be afraid of in a beer such as this.

Weighing at 8.6%, this was not a brew to be trifled with in the least.  Strong flavors, solid color and a good aroma are all characteristics I look for when it comes to IPA’s of any variety.  You might see it’s common that Double IPA’s are paired with Imperial IPA’s, and it just depends on where you are when the beer is named.  They both mean the same, but an IPA by any other name is still an IPA.  This is the result of craft brewers taking an idea and kicking it up a few levels; and why not?  I’m pleased with what they’ve done and you would be too.  If you happen to enjoy IPA’s, then find this in 12 or 22 ounce bottles, and if you haven’t dabbled in anything this strong before, give it a try, you might like what you taste.3 beer steins

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