Lunazul Tequila Reposado

by Jason Lightner | February 6th, 2013 | Spirits

agave fieldNot one to rest on my laurels (or other people’s laurels, for that matter), I’m always in search of what could be my next favorite thing. On one such trip, I was in search of a new tequila. What I found was Lunazul Reposado and, while it is decidedly not my next favorite thing, it has made for an excellent addition to the stories my liquor cabinet might whisper to the other furniture.

These days I pretty much have only one requirement when purchasing tequila — it has to be “100% de agave” or I won’t touch it. I’ve found that going the mixtos route tends to more easily leave me and my comrades with a slight impairment the following morning. Lunazul is definitely 100% de agave, so it meets that requirement, although I’m a little bit worried by the fact that they put “rested” in scare quotes when talking about the fact that their tequila is rested for six months in bourbon barrels. Am I supposed to be skeptical at their claim? Was it not rested, but actually working out on the elliptical while in the barrel? These are the important questions.

Lunazul Reposado’s pale yellow hue suggests that it was, in fact, rested. As does the mellowed scent of agave on the nose, followed by a hint of oakey goodness. The taste is sweet, which is surprising for a tequila with the face of a wolf on the cap. The flavors range from baked agave to a bit of vanilla, and the finish is spicy and long. Over all, the tequila’s an easy drink that won’t kill your palate or your throat — that’s all we can really ask for, right?

Neat, with a wedge of lime is probably the way this tequila is best served. However, if one is so inclined, one can certainly get by with using this as their shooter base. I picked my bottle up for around fifteen or sixteen bucks. At that price, you can do  with it whatever you damn well please. Go nuts.

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