Porron: Spanish Decanter, Potential Christmas Gift

by Dennis Mayer | December 13th, 2012 | Well-Stocked Bar

I feel a little disingenuous, as this corner of the Parched No More site is called “Bar Essentials”, and today’s item is certainly not essential. It’s a lot of fun, though, and with everyone scrambling for new and interesting gifts during the holiday season, it seems like high time to talk about it.

A porron is a Spanish wine decanter designed to pour wine directly into a drinker’s mouth. It looks like a pitcher (or traditional decanter) made like a baby watering can. Much like a bota bag (also known as a wineskin), the porron allows a drinker to squirt however much wine he’d like without touching his mouth at all, allowing for any number of drinkers to use the same receptacle without sharing germs (at least, if they’re experienced in drinking with it.) Here’s a video explaining how to use the porron; the fella in the video is wearing nice enough clothes and seems respectable enough to convince you that the device is a bit more than a party trick. (Or, at the very least, that it’s a respectable party trick.) The video above suggests using a mixture of wine and other drinks as well; filling your porron with sangria, or even with another appropriate highball, wouldn’t be too outlandish (though I wouldn’t add any ice — it could damage the porron, or block the pour spout.)

Any wine can be served in a porron, but serving a Spanish wine with it would, clearly, be more appropriate. A red or white would do, with a sparkling cava being even more refreshing. You might want to avoid serving red wine from it until you’ve more practiced with its use (or until you’re wearing black.)

Porrons aren’t very common in this country, but they’re always appreciated and enjoyed when they’re around. Buying one for your favorite bartender, party host, or wine lover would be a great idea this gift-giving season. Either way, I’d suggest pairing this with a gift basket of a couple bottles of your favorite Spanish (or other) wine; if you need ideas, we’ve reviewed a couple of ideas here, here and here. And if you want to order yourself a porron at the same time, we won’t judge.

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