Red Hook Variety Pack

by J Frazzetta | September 2nd, 2013 | Beer

red_hook_collectionHere we are, Avid Reader, September: the month of back to school, a regular television schedule and the nail in the coffin for summer weather.  It might get hot one or two times, but you’ll be reaching for a sweater sooner than you can say snow.  To help pull you out of that funk I grabbed a Red Hook variety pack to trick my brain into thinking it was still summer, even though my heart knows that it is one elaborate hoax.  With just four beers this was a simple one to deconstruct, and I’m glad there were extras afterward.

Wise Cracker Wit – A few weeks ago I was with some coworkers at a local spot and had this one on tap.  I was pleased with the easy taste of a summer wit and didn’t mind the slight ginger flavor with a crisp, clean finish.  If someone had poured me a glass of lemonade, I would have been making shandies for everyone that evening.  Weighing at 5.3% it was a good way to start things off.

Audible Ale – That same evening I decided to give this one a shot, too.  The beer was brewed in collaboration with sportscaster, Dan Patrick, and instead of holding it to your ear, try drinking it instead.  Golden ale with a smooth aftertaste and decent body, it certainly was a crushable ale.  Weighing at 4.7% means you don’t have to feel too guilty about it and if someone happens to be en fuego, you can pour this on them to quell the blaze.

Long Hammer IPA – I’ve had this IPA before from the brewery in Portsmouth several years ago, and it was nice to be able to enjoy it on my own time.  A straight forward IPA that doesn’t pull many punches it has some bitter bite, a little citrus with a nice finish at the end.  Weighing at 6.2% this is standard fare for an IPA and is a good introduction, if you aren’t sure how you feel about strong beers.

ESB – This is a classic any time of year, and I always forget how much I love the Extra Special Bitter until I order one or find it in a pack.  An ale with a solid color, malts to give it some sweetness and the word bitter is thrown in to keep you guessing.  Truth be told when it comes to an ESB there is no bitter bite like an IPA, and often these brews are easier to drink while giving you some serious satisfaction.  Weighing in at 5.8% it isn’t too far up from a lager, and it is special.

Time is running out for this variety pack, so make sure you find it quick and enjoy four great beers in one box.  Red Hook is one of those brewing companies that might not make crazy beers, but they produce an excellent product if you are looking for a regular brewer that won’t let you down.

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