Saranac Sampler Pt. 2

by J Frazzetta | December 10th, 2012 | Beer

This week, Avid Reader, we get to expand a little further upon the wonderful beers those folks from Utica happened to send me earlier in the month.  If giving is the reason for the season then I guess Saranac must be Santa Claus.  This week we take a look at the darker beers of the sampler and delve into the porter category.

Caramel Porter – there are some beers you want to rip open and chug, throw away and start all over.  Then there are some beers that you want to open up and get to know a little better before you sample them, and this one is the latter.  Pouring out a beautiful reddish brown in my glass, the aroma was all too familiar as I began to taste the caramel flavor.  Yes, there are caramel malts in this brew to give it that great color and the beer is made with some caramel to give it a sweet smell and taste.  If ever there was a beer fit for dessert it would be this one, and I’m always bummed that I can’t find it in six packs.

4059′ Porter – this is some standard fare for porters and not as sweet as the previous venture.  This is a jet black porter with some great bitter aftertaste and smoky notes that hit you in the nose.  The name comes from a peak in the Adirondacks, Porter Mountain, and the numbers represent the height above sea level.  I’m glad I drank this one first because it was much dryer than the last one, yet there was a coffee taste that stood out a bit while the chocolate malts used gave it the rich dark color.

All right, there you have it for this week folks and next week we’ll move along to the lagers in the bunch to finish off this holiday sampler.

(Editor’s note: Our reviewer received complimentary beer from Saranac, but the opinion reflected in this article is solely his.)

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