Simi Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County (2011)

by Brendan G | June 7th, 2013 | White Wine, Wine

sonoma vineyardThis week’s choice came quite easily to me, as it is becoming a much more popular wine every year. Sauvignon Blanc has grown into a widely respected varietal, replacing Chardonnay in many countries as the highest selling white wine on the market, mainly due to its wonderful aroma, fruity flavors and mostly affordable pricing. It is produced all over the world, most notably New Zealand, France, Australia and America. It is in California where Sauvignon Blanc grew by leaps and bounds. A grape type that had a poor reputation and was ignored by most was transformed by famous American winemaker Robert Mondavi at his Napa winery.

Sauvignon Blanc was known to be quite fruity and a little on the sweet side. Mondavi started aging the wine in oak barrels hoping to mellow the flavor and add different notes. From this process another variety of wine from the Sauvignon Blanc grape was created: Fume Blanc. Fume Blanc is mostly a marketing term used to differentiate between Sauvignon Blancs that have been aged in oak barrels and those that have not. However, both oaked and unoaked Sauvignon Blancs have been marketed under the Fume Blanc name.

Simi Winery, located in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley, is producing one of the more popular Sauvignon Blancs today. Widely available and very reasonably priced  (from $9.99 to $15.99 online), vintage is not much of a concern for Sauvignon Blanc. Most varieties are meant to be drunk young as it does not age particularly well. As with most things, there are always a few exceptions to this thought, but Simi Sauvignon Blanc is meant to be enjoyed now.

At first glance, this wine is pale and straw colored and not much to look at. Upon opening however, one is greeted by lemon, lime,grapefruit, and melon scents that waft to the nose followed by a delicate floral aroma. When taking your first sip, you’ll first notice the refreshing, crisp, and clean taste it delivers, along with an excellent acidic hint of citrus. It has a long clean finish with some light mineral notes. Considered a perfect companion to the foods of the upcoming summer season. I would recommend it with all types of seafood and cheeses. Also, it pairs particularly well with grilled chicken and salads.

For a few years now, there’s been a white wine looking to replace the tried and true standards of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio at your table. It’s Sauvignon Blanc. Just a few decades ago it was an afterthought and relegated to a screw cap bottle. Now, after a slight makeover and some tweaking, it demands to be taken seriously. Simi Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County delivers. (Rated from 86-90 by notable wine reviewers.) It has caught my eye, now it’s time for you.PNM-4-corks

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