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Sixpoint Brewery, Resin

by J Frazzetta April 21st, 2014| Beer
2014-04-09 19.46.41Bottle/Tap: can

It isn’t very often that I get a chance to be out on the town for an evening to have a beer with a friend, but a few weeks ago I happened to find myself at the British Beer Company in Manchester enjoying the company of a friend.  I don’t go out on Wednesday nights anymore, that’s for sure, so this called for something special to commemorate the occasion.  Looking over the selection I picked a Sam Adams Rebel IPA, since it has been all the rage out there, Avid Reader, and I thought it was pretty
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Magic Hat, Pistil

by J Frazzetta April 14th, 2014| Beer
DSCF6669Bottle/Tap: Bottle

Here it is, Avid Reader, the first official beer of spring!  That’s not to say I haven’t been sampling other stuff, but this is the first one I’m telling you about, and I find it fitting that this particular brew was made with dandelion.  You read that right, and trust me when I tell you that dandelions are edible: when I was growing up my grandfather would come up and visit in the spring.  He’d sit on the porch, then ask my sister and me to gather all the dandelions that hadn’t blossomed.  We come back with a
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Otter Creek, Copper Ale

by J Frazzetta April 7th, 2014| Beer
Bottle/Tap: Bottle

I can almost smell the spring air, Avid Reader, as the last remnants of winter are being shaken off to make way for t-shirts.  Before we nose dive into a bucket of pale ales and lagers, I do have one final darker brew to share to help get out of this funk.  After this one we’ll be glass deep in crisp springtime fare and then summer and then… we don’t need to go that far ahead, so why don’t we just take it easy for a moment?  Glad you agree with me.

Over the past few years I have grown
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Breckenridge Brewery, Barleywine Batch #1

by J Frazzetta March 31st, 2014| Beer
DSCF6660Bottle/Tap: Bottle

If you have been following this site since the beginning you might notice a theme, Avid Reader: a severe lack in barleywines.  Truth be told, they are not one of my favorite brews and that might be due to the fact that I had a bad experience years ago, and that soured me to anything with the words barley and wine conjoined on the label.  Despite all of my preconceived notions I’m throwing them out the window for this week, since the folks in Colorado were nice enough to send me their newest addition to the family.  No
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The Shed, Mountain Ale

by J Frazzetta March 24th, 2014| Beer
DSCF6653Bottle/Tap: Bottle

Rather than tell you about another stout this week or jump right into light bodied spring beers, I thought it would be best to give you a transition week, Avid Reader, so we don’t go from the frying pan into the fire.  To help ease all of us into a new season I have a brown ale this week, with a copper ale and barley wine waiting in the wings.   The calendar might tell you that winter is over, but everyone knows that winter can last up until April -- then we have mud season but I don’t
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North Coast Brewing, Brother Thelonius

by J Frazzetta March 17th, 2014| Beer
DSCF6652Bottle/Tap: Bottle

Here we are, Avid Reader, the last of my dark beers for the winter months, or until another freak snowstorm hits, and it must be that time of year to brighten the corners.  When it comes to beers that have themes or pay some kind of homage to pop culture, then I have to give them a try.  When I saw this massive bottle in a grocery store, about $4 less then my usual spot, I had to grab it for tasting.  The beer itself is an Abbey style beer giving a nod to Thelonius Monk.  Are you
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Innis and Gunn, Scottish Porter

by J Frazzetta March 10th, 2014| Beer
DSCF6649Bottle/Tap: Bottle

Back with a dark brew, Avid Reader, but all too soon it will be time for spring when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of ales and seasonal fare.  Before I wax too poetic on the subject we can talk a little bit about this brew from the folks at Innis & Gunn.  We’ve encountered them before on the site, I think they’re pretty good and I wanted to see if this brew would turn me into a fan or a just a casual drinker.

Right on the label it tells you the big secret about the
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Ommegang, Iron Throne

by J Frazzetta March 3rd, 2014| Beer
DSCF6589Bottle/Tap: Bottle

Winter isn’t coming, Avid Reader; depending on where you live it would appear that winter is here to stay until the dragons come home.  Rummaging through my crate of beers I came across this bottle that I picked up last spring to coincide with the season finale of Game of Thrones. I forgot about it, but it still seems like an appropriate beverage to share with you now.  Granted, the show will be returning in a few weeks, but it is cold now so I may as well share my thoughts.

I produced two pint glasses for this beer
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North Coast Brewing, Old No. 38 Stout

by J Frazzetta February 24th, 2014| Beer
number 38Bottle/Tap: Bottle

Here we are, Avid Reader, back to talking about stouts, but it was nice to talk about a lighter bodied brew as a break.  No matter, in the midst of yet another impending snow-pocalypse, or as we in New England like to call it, "a dusting", I found this bottle hanging around.  Too bad I didn’t have a steam train to drive through all that powder, it would have made my commute easier and I’ve always wanted my own personal rail system.  Oh well, at least I have another beer to tell you about.

Right on the label it
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Crispin, Honey Crisp Cider

by J Frazzetta February 17th, 2014| Beer
crispinBottle/Tap: Bottle

Throwing a curve ball at you this week, Avid Reader, and taking a quick break from beer to tell you about another fermented beverage.  Living in New Hampshire, you become very familiar with traditional apple cider: take the nastiest apples you find under the tree, press the crap out of them, press them a little bit more, then add a little bit of magic, and voila, you have apple cider.  I’m also aware of "adult apple cider" from the likes of Woodchuck and their ilk.  Don’t get me wrong, they do the trick when I’m at a party,
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Breckenridge Brewery, Ophelia Ale

by J Frazzetta February 10th, 2014| Beer
opheliaBottle/Tap: Bottle

Words, words, words, Avid Reader.  Words are the tools I use each week to convey a simple message to and, for the most part, it seems to be working.  In the middle of that cold snap a few weeks back, a package was waiting on my doorstep instead of hiding behind a drape eavesdropping.  The contents would allow me to bid goodnight to that sweet prince known as winter.  I’ll be brief, for brevity is the soul of wit, but I have a feeling that time has passed.

Having placed the bottles in the fridge and deciding to give
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Nepenthe, Bourbon Aged Shire Stout

by J Frazzetta February 3rd, 2014| Beer
shireBottle/Tap: Bottle

Looking around online, there are a few flavor trends that you might come across: bacon, sriracha and bourbon barrel aged.  I’m sure you can find plenty more, Avid Reader but those are the most common that I run into, and this week we’re going to talk about a beer that has been sitting in bourbon barrels to enhance the flavor.  When trends like this crop up they can be a blessing and then a huge curse: at first everyone loves the idea of bacon flavored stuff, but when you get to bacon scented deodorant (not real, yet), that is
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