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rebel ipa

Review – Samuel Adams Rebel IPA

by Gary Hays September 9th, 2015| Beer
In my self-admitted biased opinion, if the masters at Sam Adams brew it, my taste buds are going to jump for joy upon first luscious sip. This fact already in mind, I expected no less as I popped the top on one of their Rebel IPA’s. I may have
harp (400x400)

Review: Harp Lager

by Charles Wangersky September 2nd, 2015| Beer
In this part of the world, following the hottest July in recorded history, we have been dealing with the sort of August we'd like to have in theory but find incredibly hard to live through in practice. The weather has been uniformly blue skies, sunshine, high temperatures, and the
wrought iron ipa (400x400)

Review – Abita Wrought Iron

by Gary Hays August 26th, 2015| Beer
During their first year in operation, Abita Brewing Company, founded in 1986, produced only 1500 barrels of beer from their tiny backwoods location, 30 miles north of New Orleans. Today, from a much larger facility, they brew 151,000 barrels of beer, in addition to 9,100 barrels of root beer.
elysia dragons tooth

Review: Elysian Dragonstooth Stout

by Charles Wangersky August 19th, 2015| Beer
In this part of the world, as I have mentioned before, we're having an unusual heat wave: day after day of blue skies and sunshine, without even a hint of the usual weekly rainfall (which, by Murphy's Law, would always fall on the weekend). So it was somewhat of
Oculto (400x400)

Review: Oculto

by Gary Hays August 12th, 2015| Beer
From Anheuser-Busch, cleverly disguised as Broken Barrel Breweries, comes Oculto, a 6% blue agave infused beer. With full consideration given to the number of times I have chased a shot of Mexico’s finest spirits with a foamy guzzle of golden brew, combining the two flavors just had a certain
charles burnside beer

Review: Burnside Sweet Heat

by Charles Wangersky August 5th, 2015| Beer
As I write, the West Coast is going through the worst drought in some time. Where I live, our usual summer pattern of two or so rainy days a week has been completely thrown off kilter. Since about the middle of May, and through late July, we have had
not your fathers rootbeer

Review: Not Your Father’s Root Beer

by Gary Hays July 29th, 2015| Beer
Located in Illinois, Small Town Brewery was founded by brewer Tim Kovac. With a brewing heritage dating back to the 1600’s, his great-great-grandfather, after winning a brewery in a card game, began crafting his own special beers. Also being a ship captain in England, he began carrying
smithwicks red

Review: Smithwick’s Kilkenny Red Ale

by Charles Wangersky July 22nd, 2015| Beer
As I write, the part of the country where I live is in the midst of a long dry spell. Like much of the West Coast, we’ve seen no rain for months. Luckily, the farms in the area have not suffered, being able to draw irrigation water from the
red racer esb

Review: Red Racer ESB

by Charles Wangersky July 8th, 2015| Beer
For some reason, two parts of the world have become well known for their beers. The UK can be justifiably proud (now) of their large assortment of ales, while Germany basically has set the standard for lagers. Germany has avoided the mass homogenization of beer styles that so tormented
guinness beer

Review: Guinness Stout

by Charles Wangersky June 25th, 2015| Beer

As the destination this month is Ireland, I thought that it might be reasonable to sample some of the tastes of that land. I've commented elsewhere that beer is the water of Ireland; my understanding is that this dates back to a time

long hammer ipa

Review: Long Hammer IPA

by Gary Hays June 18th, 2015| Beer

Headquartered in Seattle, the Redhook Ale Brewery hosts two brewery locations, in Woodinville, Washington, and on the East Coast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Founded in 1981 by Paul Shipman and Gordon Bowker, their production of 279,000 barrels per year, is now too large to meet the qualifications of a
ebulum cherry ale

Review: Heather Brewing Ebulum

by Charles Wangersky June 11th, 2015| Beer
Back in the days before pubs, brewing was done by the lady of the house, who among her other jobs would be responsible for the making of beer. When the beer was ready, she would hang a bush on her house to show that a fresh brew was up.
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