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red racer esb

Review: Red Racer ESB

by Charles Wangersky July 1st, 2015| Beer
For some reason, two parts of the world have become well known for their beers. The UK can be justifiably proud (now) of their large assortment of ales, while Germany basically has set the standard for lagers. Germany has avoided the mass homogenization of beer styles that so tormented
guinness beer

Review: Guinness Stout

by Charles Wangersky June 25th, 2015| Beer

As the destination this month is Ireland, I thought that it might be reasonable to sample some of the tastes of that land. I've commented elsewhere that beer is the water of Ireland; my understanding is that this dates back to a time

long hammer ipa

Review: Long Hammer IPA

by Gary Hays June 18th, 2015| Beer

Headquartered in Seattle, the Redhook Ale Brewery hosts two brewery locations, in Woodinville, Washington, and on the East Coast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Founded in 1981 by Paul Shipman and Gordon Bowker, their production of 279,000 barrels per year, is now too large to meet the qualifications of a
ebulum cherry ale

Review: Heather Brewing Ebulum

by Charles Wangersky June 11th, 2015| Beer
Back in the days before pubs, brewing was done by the lady of the house, who among her other jobs would be responsible for the making of beer. When the beer was ready, she would hang a bush on her house to show that a fresh brew was up.
skinny dip

Review – Skinny Dip from New Belgium Brewers

by Gary Hays June 4th, 2015| Beer
From the brewers of the ever so popular, Fat Tire Amber Ale, comes a delectable summer refresher, Skinny Dip.

Though I have been known to sing the praises of the fine folks at New Belgium from time to time, I almost did not purchase this beer when I noticed it
Gypsy Tears beer

Review: Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale

by Charles Wangersky May 28th, 2015| Beer
One thing that has vexed me as a beer reviewer is this matter of political boundaries. I find a good beer in Washington State, and cannot get it at home in Vancouver because it has to cross a national boundary. Or, I find a good beer in Vancouver, and
fat tire (400x400)

Review: Fat Tire Amber Ale

by Gary Hays May 21st, 2015| Beer
I was first introduced to this tasty amber ale a few years ago when a friend who owns a small restaurant, plopped an oversized oil-can sized container in front of me with a vintage bicycle on the label. Not wanting to put on airs, I swigged it straight from
new belgian beer

Review: New Belgium Ranger IPA

by Charles Wangersky May 14th, 2015| Beer
Weather in this part of the world has always been fickle. When I first moved to the Pacific Northwest it was bad enough, but in the decades since it has gotten stranger. My son was commenting today that we were now in the gentle weather between spring and summer,
negra modeoa

Review: Negra Modelo

by Gary Hays May 7th, 2015| Beer
As an experiment, I once emptied the contents of some Corona bottles, refilled them with Miller High Life, dropped a lime chunk on top of each, and served them ice cold to some of my friends. My unknowing subjects failed to utter one word of objection. They sucked them
red racer stout

Review: Red Racer Oatmeal Stout

by Charles Wangersky April 30th, 2015| Beer
We have reached an awkward place in the year. Here on the West Coast, it is spring, and when the day chooses to be clear, it is warm and lovely, but it is still crisply cold at night and I worry that my having taken the storm windows down
sleeman oak aged ale

Review: Sleeman Oak Aged Ale

by Charles Wangersky April 16th, 2015| Beer
As we get further into the spring and summer, the beers of choice get lighter in flavor and color. Here on the West Coast, we're starting to get into the time of year when yard work is starting again, to clean up the worst of the winter's destruction, and
san miguel

Review: San Miguel Pale Pilsner

by Gary Hays April 9th, 2015| Beer
Under a Spanish Royal Charter, the original San Miguel Brewery, located in the Philippines, opened its doors in 1890, and incorporating in 1913. In 1963, holding the deed to many business offshoots, the company changed to its current name of San Miguel Corporation (SMC). The company's holdings include, liquor
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