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red racer stout

Review: Red Racer Oatmeal Stout

by Charles Wangersky April 30th, 2015| Beer
We have reached an awkward place in the year. Here on the West Coast, it is spring, and when the day chooses to be clear, it is warm and lovely, but it is still crisply cold at night and I worry that my having taken the storm windows down
sleeman oak aged ale

Review: Sleeman Oak Aged Ale

by Charles Wangersky April 16th, 2015| Beer
As we get further into the spring and summer, the beers of choice get lighter in flavor and color. Here on the West Coast, we're starting to get into the time of year when yard work is starting again, to clean up the worst of the winter's destruction, and
san miguel

Review: San Miguel Pale Pilsner

by Gary Hays April 9th, 2015| Beer
Under a Spanish Royal Charter, the original San Miguel Brewery, located in the Philippines, opened its doors in 1890, and incorporating in 1913. In 1963, holding the deed to many business offshoots, the company changed to its current name of San Miguel Corporation (SMC). The company's holdings include, liquor
alba beer

Review: Heather Brewing Alba Scots Pine Ale

by Charles Wangersky April 2nd, 2015| Beer
Although today it seems rather overused, hops are a relatively recent addition to the brewing of beer. Barley malt, water, and yeast will make a beer, but it is thin, unappealing stuff, not a whole lot of fun to drink. In the days before pubs, each household would have its
no 9

Review: Magic Hat #9

by Gary Hays March 23rd, 2015| Beer
Now and then a palette stunning beer comes along with a mixture so complex it defies explanation. Magic Hat #9 is such a brew. Every swallow defines yet another possible ingredient running the gamut from caramel, to apricot, to nuts, to a sweet, fruity taste with just a slight
nikasi domination

Review: Ninkasi Brewing Total Domination IPA

by Charles Wangersky March 16th, 2015| Beer
Surprising as it may be to people in the rest of the world, we are already in the early days of spring here on the West Coast; the forsythia are blooming, there are flower buds on the quince bushes and apple trees, the cherries and plums are in full
goose island

Review: Goose Island – Honker’s Ale

by Gary Hays March 9th, 2015| Beer
From the windy city of Chicago, comes the Goose Island Beer Company. The company’s founder, John Hall, traveled across Europe with the distinct mission of tasting various beers from some of the continents most trusted and age old brewers. At the time, craft brewers in the U.S.A. were in
old boy beer bottle

Review: Parallel 49 Brewing Old Boy

by Charles Wangersky March 2nd, 2015| Beer
This past weekend, an old friend stopped in to visit from the far other side of the country. Dr. Bob would have been my best man had my wedding not been postponed by academic nonsense, and I was his best man some time later. He taught me a great
ninkasi stout (400x400)

Review: Ninkasi Brewing Imperiale Stout

by Charles Wangersky February 16th, 2015| Beer
This has been a week of changes. The main change here was that over the past week, the tumbledown carport that disgraced our back yard has been pulled down (with one hand, by my youngest son), to the accompaniment of a round of applause from the neighbors, literal in
shock top beer

Review: Shock-Top Salty Pretzel Wheat Beer

by Gary Hays February 9th, 2015| Beer
Just about every bar gladly offers a free basket of extra salty pretzels or popcorn to accompany their coldest brews in town, the logic being to create an unquenchable thirst by subliminally encouraging the ongoing slamming down of another round, and it makes absolute sense for bar owners to

Review: Ninkasi Brewing Jarrylo

by Charles Wangersky February 2nd, 2015| Beer
We have been talking lately about hops, of course, and how they have been affecting craft brewers and craft beer. And we will be continuing that today. If you don't want to read about hops, perhaps you could skip two or three paragraphs.

There are two ways that hops can
ninkasi vanilla

Review: Ninkasi Brewing Vanilla Oatis Stout

by Charles Wangersky January 26th, 2015| Beer
The most famous example of the "stout" beer style is, of course, Guinness, which for a long time was advertised as being "good for you." That may be the same sort of misbelief as the long-standing, and now thoroughly discredited, belief that cigarettes improved respiratory health, but it was
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