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Blackberry Cider- Dressing up a Bottled Beverage

by Michele September 1st, 2016| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
I don't like beer; I never have. I find its taste to be off-putting and not enjoyable in the least. However, having discovered hard cider a couple years ago, I find most to be quite tasty.  (The most does not include ciders that are more beer-like.)  The discovery of

English Aperol Cocktail

by Michele July 14th, 2016| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Continuing my quest to find different uses for Aperol, I played with a variety of ingredients from my liquor cabinet, pantry, and refrigerator.  I have to admit that there were two or three tries that will never see the pages of Parched No More.  One sip, maybe two, confirmed

Aperol Spritz: Bubbles with Bite Will Refresh You

by Michele June 27th, 2016| Cocktails, Sparkling
Aperol is one of my favorite ingredients to use in cocktails during the summer months.  This slightly bitter aperitif makes a delightfully refreshing cocktail. Although it can be served on its own as a sipping beverage, that doesn't suit my palate due to its thicker consistency.  However, when added
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Rum and Coke

by Brendan G February 18th, 2016| Ask the Bartender
Whenever I return home, I meet up with friends at a neighborhood bar.  It's nothing fancy, so I always stick with a rum and Coke, which definitely tastes (and feels) like a RUM and Coke.  I know their drinks are stronger, but what is the proper ratio for this
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Fruit Cocktail

by Brendan G October 15th, 2015| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the flavored vodka market. The first brand I recall doing flavors was Absolut. Their Citron vodka has been a mainstream ingredient for at least 20 years. Stolichnaya was the next major brand to expand their product line by
violette FAL


by Dennis Mayer September 17th, 2015| Cocktails
Today's drink is one that we can only enjoy in its original formulation thanks to history-minded bartenders' insistence on the preservation and recreation of classic cocktails with classic liqueurs. The Aviation, basically a variant on a gin sour, depends on a little-known liqueur called
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Homemade Simple Syrup

by Gary Hays July 28th, 2015| Well-Stocked Bar
Many mixed drink recipes call for simple syrup. I must admit, for the longest time, I had not a notion of exactly what simple syrup consisted of, I just knew I needed it. Like many, I purchased it at my local grocery store. A bit of discovery had me
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Nothing Says Friday Like a Redneck Cocktail

by Gary Hays July 10th, 2015| Friday Fun
If you are like most of us, you prefer having a drink or two prior to prior to hitting the town on a Friday night, especially after a long week of work. You know, just to loosen yourself up, relieve a little tension, and quite honestly, to keep from
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Frank and Candid, “Beer and a Smoke”

by Jason Lightner February 13th, 2015| Cocktails
As I sit here, listening to Silverchair's "Tomorrow," I'm thinking back to my younger years when my beverage forays were not quite as filled with complexity and intrigue. Indeed, it used to be that you could simply pop open a beer and enjoy a smoke in your favorite dive

Sweet and Savory, “The Godfather”

by Jason Lightner November 7th, 2014| Cocktails
Having been the recipient of a fair number of bottles of booze courtesy of turning one year wiser (and not at all less handsome), I'm excited to try out a number of fantastic cocktail recipes I've had on the back burner for quite a while. Having a fully stocked

The Redneck Mimosa

by Jason Lightner October 31st, 2014| Cocktails
Last week we talked about Mama Walker's Maple Bacon Liqueur and its role in helping us craft a fantastic and offbeat Bloody Mary. We're going to deviate from the savory this week, but remain squarely in the brunch seat. You see, brunch is a big staple here in the City

An Eclectic Bloody Mary, “Mama’s Ruby Shoes”

by Jason Lightner October 24th, 2014| Cocktails
It was on clearance and I simply had to get it.

That's a line that might be familiar with some of our readers. That feeling when you see a discounted price and, no matter what your better judgement is telling you, you simply need to make that purchase.

This is the
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