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Long Island Iced Tea

by Brendan G February 21st, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
ice teaThe Long Island Iced Tea has always been a favorite of patrons wherever I have worked. First for the fact that it is a tasty drink when made properly. The second thing that makes it so popular is that it packs quite a punch. You definitely want to keep track of how many of these you order, because they will sneak up on you.

The L.I.T., as it is commonly called, looks like a non-alcoholic iced tea, but contains five alcohol ingredients and a small amount of mixer, making it perhaps the strongest mixed drink one could order. The makeup
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Rum and Coke

by Brendan G February 20th, 2014| Ask the Bartender
pouring bacardiWhenever I return home, I meet up with friends at a neighborhood bar.  It's nothing fancy, so I always stick with a rum and Coke, which definitely tastes (and feels) like a RUM and Coke.  I know their drinks are stronger, but what is the proper ratio for this drink? 

A Rum and Coke, or Cuba Libre, is one of the most basic cocktails a bartender can make.  The proper ratio, however, is very important in one-liquor drinks like this.  Too much alcohol, and the drink is too boozy and hard to drink.  Too little, and you get little to
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Jameson Irish Whiskey and the Pickleback

by Jason Lightner February 18th, 2014| Liquor
jameson_hdIt took me a while to get on the same level as Jameson Irish Whiskey. The popular spirit has gained incredible notoriety over the years as an incredible sipping beverage, as well as a versatile mixer and go-to for party-time shots. Over three years ago, I recounted my first experience with Jameson, and also my first experience with whiskey in general. Today, I'd like to invite you to experience the maturation of my relationship with Irish whiskey. It's a bit different, but I think you'll enjoy it.

Jameson is famous for its bold flavor and incredible punch. When
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Jim Beam Honey

by Jason Lightner February 11th, 2014| Liquor
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince we're on a wintery whiskey kick, let's take a look at another one from Jim Beam. This whiskey's a bit different, mind you, so those without a sweet tooth might want to sit this one out. We're talking, of course, about Jim Beam Honey, an infusion of real honey and liqueur with the standard Jim Beam Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

Jim Beam Honey comes in the typical Jim Beam bottle, with the unique label artwork of a honeycomb pattern. It's a tasteful and artistic label which celebrates the main addition and brings focus to the important part
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Sticky Question

by Brendan G February 6th, 2014| Ask the Bartender
bar shelvesAt a bar recently, I watched the following scene unfold.  The patron to my left asked the bartender for a ginger-tini.  The patron had to explain to the bartender which bottle contained ginger liqueur.  Once found, the bottle, which didn't have a pour spout, was unable to be opened.  The bartender took the bottle out back, returned a few minutes later, and still had not opened it.  With a couple minutes more of struggling, the bottle was opened.  The patron looked at me concernedly and wondered if the drink would be any good.  My question for you, should a
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Early Times Blind Archer

by Jason Lightner February 4th, 2014| Liquor
glass of applesAnd on the tail of one flavored whiskey comes yet another. Well, at least it's flavored, and it has whiskey in it; I'd honestly call what we're about to dive into more of a liqueur than a spirit. But what's in a name, really? It was two degrees below zero this week and that calls for something boozy!

There's always been something about the Early Times brand of whiskies that I've been averse to. Perhaps it's the fact that the only product by this distiller I can get my hands on in this great state of Pennsylvania is a 1.75 mL
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Surfer on Acid

by Brendan G January 24th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
surferJagermeister is one of those liqueurs, much like Tequila, that either you love it or hate it. Black in color , with a very unique flavor, (often described as cough medicine) Jager is a herbal flavored digestif from Germany. Served primarily as a chilled shot, Jager is not known for being used in too many cocktails. Strong in flavor and a little syrupy, it tends to overwhelm almost anything else it comes in contact with. The only thing I've ever seen it paired with on a regular basis is energy drink. Dropping a shot of Jager into a few
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The Gift of Tequila

by Brendan G January 23rd, 2014| Ask the Bartender
tequilasA colleague of mine is having a housewarming party.  Rather than bring a bottle of wine, I thought I would bring a bottle of tequila, as that is her liquor of choice.  My question is two-fold.  One, can I get a decent bottle of tequila for $20.  Two, if not, what would be a recommended price point?  (I probably could get other colleagues to pitch in and make it a group gift.)   

I first would have to make an assumption. I would assume you would want to give a 750 ml. bottle as a gift. Some premium tequilas are
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Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry

by Jason Lightner January 21st, 2014| Liquor
black cherries chidseycOn the news that Japanese company Suntory Holdings has put in a bid for a $16 billion takeover of American spirits company Beam Inc., I thought I'd take this opportunity to sample another Jim Beam variety — Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry.

The black cherry variety of Jim Beam's Red Stag product is an infused bourbon whiskey, imparted with the natural taste of black cherries which aim to compliment the traditional oaky sweetness of Jim Beam's standard bourbon. The artwork on the label features a pair of red antlers, taking me back to winter hunting trips with
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Toasted Almond

by Brendan G January 17th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
drink 12thPersonally, I've never been a big fan of milky cocktails. Whether it's milk, cream, or half and half, alcohol mixed with dairy products was never attractive to me. Irish cream has always been a staple, and now, the newly popular Rum-Chata is also adding that creamy element to a multitude of cocktails. But it is the popularity of a movie called The Big Lebowski that created a whole cult of White Russian drinkers, who strive to drink the same milky cocktail as did the title character, “The Dude”.

As a bartender in a bar surrounded by a lot
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CîROC Amaretto Vodka

by Jason Lightner January 14th, 2014| Liquor
CirocAfter a blisteringly unsavory week in the City of Brotherly Love, wherein wintery temperatures dipped down to below 0 degrees fahrenheit, and we watched the Schuylkill River freeze over alongside the iconic boathouses of John B. Kelly Drive, we're ready to put some warmth back into our bodies. Let us proceed in a manner fit for the dead of winter — with the pleasant burn of a premium vodka.

I approached CÎROC Amaretto Vodka with skepticism. Call it a habit, but that's just the way it goes with me and flavored vodka. Burnett's, Smirnoff, Absolut, Three Olives, Stolichnaya
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Bay Breeze

by Brendan G January 10th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
baybreezeThe Bay Breeze has always been one of my go-to cocktails. Simple and basic. It never fails, on a nightly basis there's a number of customers who don't know what they want to drink. They'll say “What do you like?”, “Give me something fruity or sweet”, or “Surprise me”. Then I pause, look around at the bottles (as if for inspiration), then start to make my go-to cocktail.

When I first started bartending I was taught a way of remembering the difference between a Bay Breeze and a Sea Breeze. A fellow bartender once told me his memory trick. “A
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