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Jim Beam Honey

by Jason Lightner February 11th, 2016| Spirits
Since we're on a wintery whiskey kick, let's take a look at another one from Jim Beam. This whiskey's a bit different, mind you, so those without a sweet tooth might want to sit this one out. We're talking, of course, about Jim Beam Honey, an infusion
glass of apples

Early Times Blind Archer

by Jason Lightner February 4th, 2016| Spirits
And on the tail of one flavored whiskey comes yet another. Well, at least it's flavored, and it has whiskey in it; I'd honestly call what we're about to dive into more of a liqueur than a spirit. But what's in a name, really? It was two degrees below

The Gift of Tequila

by Brendan G January 28th, 2016| Ask the Bartender
A colleague of mine is having a housewarming party.  Rather than bring a bottle of wine, I thought I would bring a bottle of tequila, as that is her liquor of choice.  My question is two-fold.  One, can I get a decent bottle of tequila for $20.  Two, if
black cherries chidseyc

Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry

by Jason Lightner January 21st, 2016| Spirits
On the news that Japanese company Suntory Holdings has put in a bid for a $16 billion takeover of American spirits company Beam Inc., I thought I'd take this opportunity to sample another Jim Beam variety — Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry.

The black cherry variety of
jim beam pd

Jim Beam Black

by Jason Lightner December 31st, 2015| Spirits
Having a storied history with Jim Beam already, I'll admit I was a bit reluctant to even venture near another bottle of Beam's finest. The Clermont, Kentucky-produced spirit hasn't left me with the best of impressions, mind you, and I've never gathered what I'd consider to be a good reason

Penn 1681 Rye Vodka

by Jason Lightner December 24th, 2015| Spirits
As a fan of traditional craftsmanship and a fan of locally-made products, it's sometimes a challenge for me to accept that the two are not always mutually exclusive.

When it comes to vodka, I like it Polish if possible. It's not that there's anything inherently wrong with vodka produced anywhere
gin n tonic

Bombay Sapphire East

by Jason Lightner December 17th, 2015| Spirits
It's been quite some time since we last talked about gin. I recall a time when I was hopelessly devoted to the striking botanical infusions of a wide variety of fine gin spirits, sampling nearly each one I happened upon. My favorite, still to this day, remains
agave field

Del Maguey Vida

by Jason Lightner December 10th, 2015| Spirits
So a new Mexican place opened up shop in my area about a month ago. I'd wrongly assumed that this was going to be the week I got away from sampling new agave-based spirits and, instead, moved on to something a bit more wintery. Maybe next week.

This week brings
margarita flyover

El Jimador Reposado

by Jason Lightner December 3rd, 2015| Spirits
A little over a year ago we took a peek at the youngest of the El Jimador group of mid-grade tequilas. During the previous year, this was done in an attempt to stave off the impending doom of frost, biting cold, and all things peppermint which were sure

Casa Noble Crystal Tequila

by Jason Lightner November 26th, 2015| Spirits
Winter is closing in quickly, and as quickly as you can say "jawn," this town will probably be under a good bit of snow. While we've still got dry ground, I figure it would be best to keep the tequila flowing while we figure out our holiday indulgences. After

Ilegal Mezcal Reposado

by Jason Lightner November 19th, 2015| Spirits
While imbibing and engaging in witty banter at a new local favorite of mine, an opportunity arose which I couldn't possibly afford to pass up. We've taken a look at both Ilegal Mezcal Joven and Ilegal Mezcal Añejo, but we hadn't yet had the chance to try

Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Silver

by Jason Lightner November 12th, 2015| Spirits
There are times when one has to choose between doing what's expected, and doing what's needed. Sometimes that choice can be difficult. Oftentimes that choice can be painful. In nearly every instance, making the choice between what's expected and what is needed, is what makes us who we are.

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