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blueberry pie martini

Blueberry Pie Martini

by Michele July 18th, 2014| Cocktails, Martinis
Shall I continue with my regular mantra about how I don't like heavy, creamy drinks nor overly sweet drinks?  My best friends like to harass me about it, it makes my husband smirk, but it is true.  So, you may be looking at the title of this cocktail and

Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

by TK July 15th, 2014| Spirits
I am child of the 1970s and 1980s.   Those two decades are the cultural references that I usually understand.  The movies I know, the songs I can sing, and the pop culture icons I gravitate to are all from that 20-year period.  So when I think of Jim Beam

J.P. Wiser’s Spiced Vanilla Whisky: A Review

by TK July 1st, 2014| Spirits
Most Canadian whiskeys are sweet and make fabulous drinks either neat or over a few rocks.  They conjure up the thoughts of crisp Canadian air and smokey North American wood.  Canadian whiskey has become one of my go to beverages if I am out and relaxing with friends at
knob creek

Knob Creek Bourbon

by TK June 24th, 2014| Spirits
The American whiskey industry is exploding with growth.  More and more small batch whiskeys are coming onto the market and the volume being produced is also geometrically progressing.  In the American whiskey realm, the undisputed king is bourbon and within this regal realm many small batch offerings

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka

by TK June 17th, 2014| Spirits
In my dream world, I wake in the morning, stroll on the beach, hear the waves mesmerize me, and I return to my ocean front condo for a breakfast.   That breakfast has already been laid out by my butler.  A Thomas's English muffin that is toasted and buttered, black

Svedka Mango Pineapple Vodka

by TK June 10th, 2014| Spirits
When life is particularly challenging, I dream of moving to a place where I walk to the beach and spend my day snorkeling and surfing.  My diet in this fantasy land consists of steamed crab, the occasional fresh grilled fish, and a never ending string of pina coladas.  Sadly,

Grand Marnier 150

by TK May 27th, 2014| Spirits
Most of us like the taste of opulence.  It is why we watch celebrities and marvel at their lifestyles.  The economics dictate that most of us do not get to experience many forms of this grand life style.   But on rare occasions, we get to taste it and see

Jack Daniels Winter Jack Tennessee Cider

by TK May 20th, 2014| Spirits
In the Northeast, winter has finally released its stranglehold on our dear citizens.  The cold, snowy weather seemingly never ended this year.  But as spring steps to the stage and summer is on the horizon it is time to review one last winter liquor, Jack Daniels Winter Jack Tennessee

Gin & Lemon

by Michele May 16th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
In New Hampshire it was a long winter, which has been followed by a chilly, rainy spring.  So, although it is the beginning of May, there haven't been many opportunities to embrace the return of spring.  So, although we're watching baseball games and getting our yards ready for summer,
20th cent ltd pd

20th Century Cocktail

by Joe Shotkus May 9th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
The 20th Century; now here is a classic with a divine combination of quinine, lemon and chocolate that come together subtly to provide a drink with a dense palate and a rare color in modern cocktails, a hazy, almost smog-like brown. Named after the 20th Century Limited train, this

Pinnacle Cinnabon Vodka

by Editorial Team May 6th, 2014| Spirits
You might be wondering how I came to be in possession of a vodka that is cinnamon roll flavored.  It's quite simple really.  We were going to hold a multi-aged egg hunt at our house on Easter. I decided that each adult should have one egg with a nip
red gin

Sloe Gin Fizz

by Joe Shotkus May 2nd, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
This week I want to look at one of my favorite warm weather drinks, the sloe gin fizz. It's a very simple drink you can take a long way with proper ingredients. The base is sloe gin, a sloe-infused gin concoction from over the pond. Sloe is a relative
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