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Review: Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka

by Jason Lightner March 3rd, 2015| Spirits
Illinois, Underproof Cucumber-Flavored Vodka
60 proof

Last week we had a look at the Skinnygirl brand's low-calorie neutral spirit, Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka. This week is largely more of the same, but with a small twist; the refreshing taste of crisp cucumber.

Flavored vodka as a concept has been alive and
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New and Refreshing, the “Lingonberry Cosmo”

by Jason Lightner February 27th, 2015| Cocktails
While many of us are content to make the same old cocktails time and time again, endlessly stocking our refrigerators and pantries with the juices of cranberries, oranges, and tomatoes, some are looking to break the mold of traditional cocktail creation. After all, it's only through experimentation and adventure that we find
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Review: Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka

by Jason Lightner February 24th, 2015| Spirits
Illinois, Underproof Vodka
60 proof

"Please Do Not Freeze" the bottle states very plainly on the rear label — an interesting request if you don't happen to be up on the current trend in vodka culture, and don't quite know what you're getting into with Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka (or any of their flavored offerings).
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The Long Island Gets Weird, the “Blue Motorcycle”

by Jason Lightner February 6th, 2015| Cocktails
Long a fan of drinks with a multitude of ingredients, I found immense pleasure and joy knowing that, sometimes, you can throw the entire cabinet into a cocktail shaker and come away happy. Indeed, the Long Island Iced Tea, born out of the 70s' fascination with complex mixology and the
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For the Morning After, The Perfect “Screwdriver”

by Jason Lightner January 30th, 2015| Cocktails
A well-known recipe, for certain, the Screwdriver has been a favorite remedy among both those who enjoy a good brunch, and those who might have enjoyed a bit too much alcohol during the previous night. Both a dubious hangover cure and a deliciously refreshing beverage, the Screwdriver has been a
biglebowski white russian (400x400)

Something to Abide By – “The White Russian”

by Jason Lightner November 14th, 2014| Cocktails
Since we're taking a look at a vodka this week, I figured we may as well peek at one of my favorite vodka cocktails as well. This one traditionally includes dairy, but for those of us who might be lactose intolerant or of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, we've got an

Root Beer Float Cocktail — Minus the Ice Cream

by Michele October 17th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
How can you have a root beer float without the ice cream, you might be asking yourself.  It is pretty simple.  In fact, there's a chewing gum that's root beer float flavored.  Having tried it, I can vouch that it tastes pretty similar to the soda and ice cream
orange licor 43 cocktail

Orange and Vanilla Frozen Treat Cocktail

by Michele October 3rd, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
We have a bottle of Licor 43 in our bar that taunts me.  When I am feeling creative and want to make something besides a spiced rum and diet Coke or gin and tonic, I look at the various liqueurs we have.  One of those is Licor 43.  I

Blueberry Cosmo — A Nice Spin on a Classic

by Michele September 26th, 2014| Cocktails, Martinis
I know, cosmos are so late 90s.  However, every once in a while, they are a fun drink to revisit.  They looks pretty in their martini glasses, they are light and (hopefully) refreshing.  Since I've had my share of the classic cosmo, I like to explore other flavor possibilities. 

Hint of Wine Spritzer — Light and Refreshing

by Michele September 19th, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
Go to almost any bar or restaurant in the summer months and you will find sangria on the menu.  It must be a popular item, as I noticed this year that most establishments offered both a white and a red version.  I like many versions of sangria -- made

Kru 82 Peach Mango Vodka

by TK September 2nd, 2014| Spirits
Every once in awhile you have to shake things up.  Try new things or use different techniques.  It is the only thing that keeps life interesting.  Without the variety that comes with experimenting you really are just living in a black-and-white movie that you have seen one hundred times. 
fresh blueberry cocktail

Fresh Blueberry Cocktail

by Michele August 1st, 2014| Cocktails, Mixed Drinks
It is blueberry picking season in New Hampshire!  Living just down the street from a blueberry farm means that we go blueberry picking at least twice each summer.  Our first excursion was two weeks ago, when the season was early.  Although the picking was decent, it would've taken a
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