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Smoking Loon, Chardonnay, 2012

by Jason Lightner November 3rd, 2016| Wine

Smoking Loon

California, Chardonnay, 2012


When you find a wine producer you thoroughly enjoy, it's only natural to pick up each and every bottle of theirs you can get your paws on, right? I really hope that's the case, as I've simply fallen

stella pino grigio

Stella, Pinot Grigio, 2012

by Jason Lightner April 26th, 2016| White Wine, Wine

Italy, Pinot Grigio, 2011


With the weather finally breaking, and the cold chill of Jack Frost behind us, we can dispense with the necessary warmth of a bold and fragrant red and seek out opportunities which might be a bit more refreshing. Italian whites are a good choice for just

Cliffside, Central Coast Chardonnay, 2012

by Jason Lightner April 19th, 2016| White Wine, Wine

California, Chardonnay, 2012


Once again, we're sampling a wine from the Cliffside gift basket. This time we've got our mitts on a Chardonnay, so we've chilled it to a cool 50 degrees fahrenheit, and are about ready to enjoy. Although it's never been my style to play by the
liquor bottles (400x400)

Just the Basics – Hosting a Party

by Gary Hays June 16th, 2015| Well-Stocked Bar
A person’s budget, or lack thereof, and the number of guests they generally entertain at any one given time, has everything to do with that person's version and definition of a well-stocked bar means to them. A few top-shelf bottles of this and that, to a full-blown array of
wine glass and bottle (400x400)

Vienna Wines: Wien, Wagram, Carnuntum

by Charles Wangersky May 29th, 2015| Red Wine, Regional, White Wine, Wine
When we think of Austria, we tend to think of an almost Swiss attitude towards purity and cleanliness, and we see this also in their wines. Very few red wines are produced in Austria, but the extreme variability of the soils means that limiting the production to only white
winery vines (400x400)

Wineries near Vienna: Wien, Wagram, Carnuntum

by Charles Wangersky May 22nd, 2015| Destination, Destination Winery
One of the more common pastimes in Vienna is not touring the local vineyards as such, but walking through them. There are a number of working vineyards on the outskirts of the city, and people will stroll through them, much as we do through our civic parks, as a
glass of wine (400x400)

Wines of Vienna: Wachau Valley and Thermenregion

by Charles Wangersky May 15th, 2015| Regional, Wine
While grapes have been grown in the east of Austria since the Middle Ages, and wine has been a part of Austrian life at least that long, it is only recently that the Austrian authorities have started to regulate and certify specific wines as being developed in particular areas
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Wines To Try Near Paris: Burgundy

by Charles Wangersky April 17th, 2015| Regional, Wine
If you took one of the tours of Dijon and the Burgundy region which we mentioned last week, you will have tasted several samples of the finest wines of the region. We’ll be looking here at some of the wines from that region that you might be interested to
skinny vine (400x400)

Review: The Skinny Vine Slim Chardonnay

by Jason Lightner March 4th, 2015| Wine
The Skinny Vine
Chardonnay, California
8.5% abv

At a time when most people's New Year's resolutions are beginning to falter, we here at Parched No More are looking to keep the momentum going by suggesting plenty of guilt-free, low-calorie beverages. On the spirits side of things, we've been on a kick with
vella chablis (400x400)

Review: Peter Vella Chablis

by Jason Lightner January 28th, 2015| Wine
Peter Vella
Chablis, California
9% abv

We've been on a boxed-wine roll as of late, for sure! Those of you who have been asking me about various boxed wines have undoubtedly received your fair share of information these past few weeks. For those of you looking for more traditional, bottled information, do
almaden wine (400x400)

Review: Almaden Heritage Mountain Chablis

by Jason Lightner January 21st, 2015| Wine
Chablis, California
12% abv

I've been getting into boxed wine more and more lately. If I'm being honest, it's the cost — the value I get out of a 5 liter box of "good" or "okay" wine has tremendous sway since I could easily spend nearly double the amount on something
vella chardonnay (400x400)

Review: Peter Vella Chardonnay

by Jason Lightner December 24th, 2014| Wine
Peter Vella
Chardonnay, California

We're going to deviate a little bit this week and, instead of focusing on reputation or historic appeal, we're going to take a look at stigma and class. Wine is of course (and has almost always been) one of those things that attracts so-called "connoisseurs" to the
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