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vineyard (400x400)

Wines To Try Near Paris: Burgundy

by Charles Wangersky April 17th, 2015| Regional, Wine
If you took one of the tours of Dijon and the Burgundy region which we mentioned last week, you will have tasted several samples of the finest wines of the region. We’ll be looking here at some of the wines from that region that you might be interested to
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Wineries to Visit Near Paris: Burgundy Region

by Charles Wangersky April 10th, 2015| Wine
France prides itself on its wines, and Paris of course is the capitol of France, so it would be odd indeed if there were no winery tours available in Paris. Of course, Paris is a big city, so to find vineyards and wineries you almost always have to travel
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Review: Dalliance 2011 Lake County Red Wine

by Jason Lightner February 4th, 2015| Wine
Proprietary Red Blend, California, 2011
14.5% abv

We're back in the saddle of red wine bliss this week, with another California elixir on our hands. This one comes courtesy of the Lower Lake area of Lake County, located in northern California just a stone's throw away from Napa County to the south.

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Review: Peter Vella Chablis

by Jason Lightner January 28th, 2015| Wine
Peter Vella
Chablis, California
9% abv

We've been on a boxed-wine roll as of late, for sure! Those of you who have been asking me about various boxed wines have undoubtedly received your fair share of information these past few weeks. For those of you looking for more traditional, bottled information, do
vella chardonnay (400x400)

Review: Peter Vella Chardonnay

by Jason Lightner December 24th, 2014| Wine
Peter Vella
Chardonnay, California

We're going to deviate a little bit this week and, instead of focusing on reputation or historic appeal, we're going to take a look at stigma and class. Wine is of course (and has almost always been) one of those things that attracts so-called "connoisseurs" to the

Smoking Loon, Chardonnay, 2012

by Jason Lightner November 5th, 2014| Wine

Smoking Loon

California, Chardonnay, 2012


When you find a wine producer you thoroughly enjoy, it's only natural to pick up each and every bottle of theirs you can get your paws on, right? I really hope that's the case, as I've simply fallen


Apothic Red Limited Release, 2013

by Jason Lightner October 29th, 2014| Wine

California, Proprietary Red Blend, 2013


Mother nature can't seem to make up her mind. One day it's chilly and the wind is blowing a painful breeze against every exposed surface, and the next day it's warm enough for shorts and sandals. At least there's one thing that remains consistent — good
Sm Loon Unok chard bottle 004

Smoking Loon, Unoaked Chardonnay, 2013

by Jason Lightner October 22nd, 2014| Wine
Smoking Loon

California, Chardonnay, 2013


Once again we are taking a look at an interesting Chardonnay; it's just been that sort of a summer, I suppose. Smoking Loon's "Steelbird" Unoaked Chardonnay comes to us by way of California's famed Napa valley wine country; an area of land so perfect

La Scolca, Gavi Oro, 2013

by Jason Lightner October 15th, 2014| Wine
La Scolca

Italy, Cortese di Gavi, 2013


Italian wine seemingly lives in its own little world, with its own set of rules, and its own agenda. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I've never met an Italian wine I didn't like. We can chalk that up to chance, or we can take it as

Monogamy, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012

by Jason Lightner October 8th, 2014| Wine

California, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012


Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa valley is hard to beat — even the bottom shelf varieties are usually very drinkable. Indeed, as one of the world's most renowned wine varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon enjoys a level of fame that is both well deserved and well exploited. But we're

Eastpoint, Chardonnay, 2012

by Jason Lightner October 1st, 2014| Wine

California, Chardonnay, 2012


A delightfully simple varietal, the Chardonnay grape originated in the Burgundy region of France, but can now be found virtually in any region where wines are produced. This grape varietal is known for its stunning neutrality and versatility, owing much of its flavor profile to fine oak
chardonnay stone

Louis Jadot, Mâcon Villages Chardonnay, 2012

by Jason Lightner September 24th, 2014| White Wine, Wine
Louis Jadot

France, Mâcon Villages Chardonnay, 2012


France has a rich and romantic history, filled with great art, delectable food, and delicious wine. A country which takes as much pride in their culture and history as they do their many industries, France's various winemakers imbue their craft with a delightful personality, unapologetically
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