The Peddler’s Daughter, Nashua, NH

by J Frazzetta | January 21st, 2013 | Restaurant Review

tpd signLast week I happened to be in Nashua on a weeknight, meeting up with a colleague, and we decided to head to this quaint pub on Main St. in Nashua.  This was a pretty big occasion for me, Avid Reader, since I hadn’t been out for a few beers  in quite some time and the idea of going to the Peddler’s Daughter seemed to have made my day go by faster.  Located at the top of Main St. overlooking the river, this is a great place to hang out and relax a bit.

Set up like a traditional pub from Ireland the space is very open with plenty of Celtic décor on the walls.  While they don’t make their own beer, or have a massive selection, they are always good about having some regular local beers on tap and then a few choice imports.  There are some days I would rather go to a bar that has a few selections instead of a huge booklet of beer to sift through.  It just means I’ll get my drink faster and won’t be tempted to try something far too overpriced.  If you happen to want a more authentic feel then you will find a good selection of whisky behind the bar from Chivas to Glenmorangie; there is bound to be something that can add more hair to the bottom of your feet.

For me the real reason I come here, or I used to frequent this spot a few years back, was for the food.  The menu draws on the Irish heritage and everything is made in house — even their ketchup is homemade so you know this place is legit.  On any normal night I would have gone for the Fish and Chips, which are always beer-battered and deep fried then set in newspaper with a jar of tartar or cocktail sauce to go with it.  Their Lamb Sliders are always a delight with a pile of sweet potato fries, but tonight I was craving the Irish Bangers and Mashed.  When you pan fry a sausage without bleeding out some of the excess juice they tend to pop or make a loud bang in your pan, hence the term bangers.  Nothing like a few sausages on top of a heap of mashed potatoes doused in baked beans to make me drool; I washed it all down with a few Boddington’s and that made my week.

There are several places in downtown Nashua that are fun to hang out and enjoy a brew but one of my favorites is the Peddler’s, and if you happen to be in the area I would suggest giving them a try.  Summer time is best though, as you can sit outside at a table looking at the river with a cool brew or spirit.

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